I’m An Artist, Too! Perry Shall guest DJs the Indie Rock Hit Parade

Perry Shall, self-portrait courtesy of the artist

We don’t get too many guest DJs on the Indie Rock Hit Parade. In fact, that role is almost exclusively held by recurring guest Jon Wurster. Still, I like to hand the reins over to a fellow music lover’s capable hands every now and again, and there are few people as capable as taking over the show as Perry Shall.

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How Philly’s Perry Shall went from basement show punk to in-house artist for Dan Auerbach

Perry Shall
Perry Shall | photo by Alyssa Tanchajja | courtesy of the artist

You might not know Perry Shall by name, but if you’re a music fan in Philadelphia, you’ve almost certainly heard the longhaired rocker in one of his many bands or seen his art gracing the albums and t-shirts of some of your favorite acts. You might have even heard him on WFMU’s The Best Show – he has the show’s slogan WE GET IT / THEY DON’T tattooed on his wrists – or seen the wildly popular SuperDeluxe video about his immense vintage t-shirt collection, 1400 and counting.

He is the very definition of a man about town, though these days that town isn’t just Philly: Shall has been doing much of the art and design work for Nashville-based label Easy Eye Sound, run by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Don’t worry, he’s not leaving us for the Music City. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who loves this city as much as Perry does and I suspect he’ll never live anywhere else. Continue reading →


Crash Perry Shall’s bar mitzvah in the new music video from HOUND

HOUND | Photo courtesy of the artist

Two things you should know about Philly’s HOUND: they’re loud, thrashy and a hell of a lot of fun…and they love making music videos that convey that.

Case in point: their latest video, “Cold Blooded,” illustrates the song from 2015’s Out Of Space with actual footage from singer-guitarist Perry Shall’s bar mitzvah in 1998. While guitars and drums rage, Shall dances and goofs in a plastic lei and a shimmering vest; suave af. The footage was originally shot by one Joe Grisafi, and was edited together more recently in the goofy supercut you can see below by Mike Simpson. Continue reading →


Hit Frankford Ave’s First Friday art shows hosted by Bleeding Rainbow’s Sarah Everton and Hound’s Perry Shall

PerryOne night, two art opening, probably LOTS of musicians. Probably. First, we’ve got Sarah Everton, bassist for Bleeding Rainbow, hosting “The Month Punk Broke: Drawings, & Miscelleneous Shit by Sarah Everton” at Rocket Cat Cafe. Everton has done the album artwork for Bleeding Rainbow’s past releases and album artwork for fellow fuzz-rockers Eternal Summers, among a multitude of other projects. Everton’s colorful approach to a multimedia-patchwork aesthetic promises to deliver a compelling collection of work. Continue reading →


Eddie Austin and Perry Shall made an insanely fun video for a catchy new Pujol song that you must watch

Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist

Pujol is a Nashville based artist who recently released his new album, Kludge on Saddle Creek Records. The album features a fun and ridiculously catchy song called “Youniverse,” the video for which was filmed in various parts of the greatest city on Earth, Philadelphia. Most notably, much of the video is shot in Circle Thrift. Directed by Eddie Austin and Perry Shall, the video features cameos from Ted Leo and members of the Screaming Females.

WARNING: Upon watching this video, the song will be inescapably stuck in your head all day. But it’s totally worth it.


Hound has a few words for he-who-shall-not-be-named in heavy-hitting track, “Aqualamb”

HOUND | photo by Dawn Riddle | courtesy of the artist
HOUND | photo by Dawn Riddle | courtesy of the artist

With the the world being the world it is right now, it’s nice and fine to take a breather for a sec. But you know what’s also nice? Raging in anger to Philly hardcore rockers, HOUND’s new track, “Aqualamb,” thats what.

The new song blazes in heavy, charged resistance as a blatant middle finger to you-know-who. Continue reading →


The Skeleton Key: Dancehall reggae from Jamaica, psych noise from Italy, post-punk from England…September has you covered!

Hurry Up! | photo via R5 Productions

It’s unreal just how much is happening in Philly this month. I know, I know: I say that every column. But it’s true! Never forget how lucky we are to be living in this great city that has so much going on every single night. Welcome to the September edition of the Skeleton Key. From space rock at PhilaMOCA to Mexican Independence Day at Penn’s Landing to all kinds of punk: we’ve got you covered. Continue reading →


The Skeleton Key: Pilam is dead, long live Pilam

A flyer for Pi Lam’s notorious Human BBQ, circa 1987

Starting off August’s edition of the Skeleton Key with some breaking news, which for the record is a strange thing when it comes to a column that comes out once a month. Pilam, the venerated “freak frat” at the University of Pennsylvania, is closed, at least temporarily. After more than four decades of being a space for DIY music in Philadelphia, the organization has lost its home. Details are still emerging as to what’s going on but for the time being I’d much rather just focus on the positive. Which, to repeat what I just said, is more than four decades of serving as a home for music in our city. That’s just incredible.

If you were to compile a list of every band that ever played Pilam we’d be here for a very long time. Hell, just looking at the listings of who performed at Human BBQ, the annual all-day concert at the house, is wildly impressive in both quality and quantity. This past year was the 40th BBQ with bands including Old Maybe, Norwegian Arms, Slingshot Dakota, and EDO. Screaming Females and Sadie from Speedy Ortiz played last year, along with a ton of other great bands. Two years ago it was Moor Mother, HIRS, and Japanese Breakfast. We could seriously go on like this forever.

The first time I specifically remember being at the festival was way back in 2001 to see An Albatross, Stinking Lizaveta, and … EDO. Some things never change. Also, I somehow missed Wesley Willis. Maybe I was getting pizza? Continue reading →


Thin Lips share the heartwrenching single “A Song For Those Who Miss You All The Time” from new LP Chosen Family

Thin Lips
Thin Lips | photo by Scott Troyan | photo courtesy of the artist

Yesterday, Thin Lips graced us with an excitingly ambiguous teaser for a July 27th release titled Chosen Family. Now the queer-punk trio have delivered the album’s lead single, the bittersweet rocker “A Song For Those Who Miss You All The Time.” Channeling the fuzzy spirit of their 2016 Riff Hard LP with a shiny new coat of hi-fi production (assisted by Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan), the song pits an infectious riff against heartfelt lyrics that pay tribute to the late younger brother of vocalist Chrissy Tashjian. The words are heartbreaking, but the song is far from morose. The jubilant interplay between howling dual guitars and Tashjian’s soaring vocals make for a cathartic anthem that reaffirms the singular power of pop music to draw strength, release, and even a melancholy joy out of heartbreak. Continue reading →