Remember Sports goes to the museum in “The 1 Bad Man” video

Remember Sports | photo by Carly Hoskins | courtesy of the artist

Remember Sports‘ first release under their new name, this year’s Slow Buzz, gave the band a chance to redefine themselves. Now that the band (previously known as just “Sports”) has spent several months touring the new record and getting accustomed to their new identity, they’re back with a brand new video for Slow Buzz track “The 1 Bad Man.” Continue reading →


NonCOMM Recap: King Tuff transports crowd to the cosmos with a space horn

King Tuff | photo by Senia Lopez for WXPN |

“Anybody know what this is?” asked Kyle Thomas, the colorful frontman of King Tuff, as he raised a peculiar cylinder device in his hand. He looked side to side, faced the crowd, and deadpanned: “It’s called the space horn.”

And with that, the wonderfully strange cosmic flute beamed the last bit of the crowd into Thomas’ zany, trippy, mystical outer space universe as “Neverending Sunshine” began to play. Although, with opening tracks like the saucy video game odyssey, “Raindrop Blue,” the laid-back and sunny daydream, “Thru the Cracks,” and the funky disco jam, “Psycho Star,” the packed upstairs PRX stage audience was already by that point pretty fairly transported to another world. Continue reading →


Listen to the slow burn of Remember Sports’ Slow Buzz single, “Pull Through”

Remember Sports | photo by Carly Hoskins | via

Philly-via-Ohio band Remember Sports (fka. SPORTS) recently released the second single off their upcoming album, Slow Buzz, out May 18 on Father/Daughter Records. While lead single “Up From Below” is an anthemic punky track, “Pull Through” is more of a slowly-developing tune, exploding at the final turn of the track. The thumping bass line and quick hi-hats guide the listener along up until the final burst, where a fuzzed out guitar takes over, aiding lead singer Carmen Perry’s vocals. Continue reading →


Remember Sports transforms personal loss in their new single “Up From Below”

Remember Sports | photo by Carly Hoskins | via

Local indie rockers Remember Sports just announced their new album Slow Buzz, dropping May 18th on Father/Daughter Records. The four-piece formed back in Ohio in 2012, where they just called went by Sports and only saw themselves as a college band with “a meaningless, haphazardly chosen name” and “no expectations of continuing to make music together after graduation.” Their 2015 album All of Something was basically a farewell to that life; now, they’re in Philadelphia and thriving. Continue reading →


From Rock to Jock, Steve Gorman of The Black Crowes talks sports & music with the Dan & Dan podcast


Trigger Hippy | Photo by Cameron Pollack

Meet Dan and Dan! Dan Reed, Music Director and Afternoon Host at WXPN/Philadelphia and Dan DeLuca, Music Critic and Columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer sit down on a bi-weekly basis to talk MUSIC!

Drummer and founding member for The Black Crowes, Steve Gorman joins the podcast.  Steve is in the process of penning a book about his time with The Black Crowes and he shares some stories about the bands early days.  Currently Steve currently hosts a sports radio show. We get the story about how a rock drummer turned into a sports talk host, and of course ask him about this thoughts on the Eagles Super Bowl victory.

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Tonight’s Concert Picks: Angel Olsen at Union Transfer, Elephant Stone at Underground Arts, Sports at PhilaMOCA

Angel Olsen | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman for WXPN

If you caught Angel Olsen‘s mesmerizing set at XPN Fest this summer, or even if you didn’t, chances are you’ll want to snag a last-minute ticket to the singer-songwriter’s headlining show at Union Transfer tonight. Olsen’s playing two nights in Philly, but tomorrow’s show is already sold out. White Magic opens both shows. Olsen’s 2016 release My Woman was voted one of The Key’s top albums last year, and she followed it up this year with Phases, a collection of rarities and B-sides. Watch Angel Olsen’s video for “Special” below and find tickets and more information on tonight’s show on the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Remember Sports as they vanquish confusion from their so-simple-its-confusing-as-heck name

Remember Sports | photo via

Attention all Sports fans: ehr no — I mean, not like the “football” kind of sports. No, not basketball either, or any other form of recreational sporting team activity. Sports, like the band. But not that band, the other one. You know, the Philly one.

My goodness, who could’ve known how exhausting an uberly simple band name could be. Probably not Sports, the four-piece band of Kenyon College pals. Or maybe they did, and these wholesome punks wanted to be ironic like me with my beloved, context-less COLLEGE tee I found at a thrift store (no, middle-aged frat dad, this is not a nod to John Belushi in Animal House, I’m trying to be ~ironic~ here.)

A google search to find the band’s crunchy tunes or social media sites more often that not quickly free-falls into an enigmatic online quest, where you must pass through a forest of sweat arm bands and athletic watches before dueling a “band of wizards from Oklahoma” — eventually feeling small and confused as you find yourself shouting “no you’re not!” at your inanimate laptop while “You Are the Right One” streams in blissful ignorance at your weird and unexpected journey.

Well, friends, please stop screaming. First, because that song is a jam. Second, because Sports hears your calls for help and is taking action. This valiant move comes in the form of smacking on a permanent qualifier to their name. Without further ado, world, meet the new and improved, Remember Sports. Continue reading →


Philly meets San Francisco on SPORTS / Plush split

SPORTS | photo via

We never had any doubt that Philly-via-Ohio punks SPORTS are, as their Twitter handle indicates, the best band called Sports, and their latest release only makes us more thankful to have them as a part of the Philly scene.

SPORTS teamed up with San Francisco’s Plush for a 7″ split, out now via Father/Daughter Records, and it flawlessly accomplishes what the best splits set out to do — bringing together two bands that pair comfortably but are sonically different enough to make a well-balanced sampling of really great tunes. And while SPORTS are pretty familiar around these parts by now, having recently joined us for a Key Studio Session, the split provides a welcome introduction to West-Coasters Plush, whose measured and melodic tones round out the split with the 6-minute track “50/50 20/20.” Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: SPORTS

Reasons to love SPORTS: to begin with, their mantra, “friends FIRST, band SECOND.” You can’t miss that contagious camaraderie when seeing them onstage or in the studio — free of ego, free of pretense, free of the B.S. that ultimately divides artists who are motivated by forces other than playing music they love. There’s ample laughter and supportive sentiments from bandmate to bandmate, intermixed with sick riffs and catchy melodies. It’s refreshing to see: despite their tongue-in-cheekily competitive name, SPORTS is just a group of upbeat pals who moved from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio to Philadelphia to write songs and rock shows.
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SPORTS returns with a raging, live-wire party in new track, “Making It Right”

Sports | photo via artist’s Facebook page

As my self-sabotaging, Cleveland Browns fans of a family gear up for another depressing football season, I’ll be over here taking part in a much more delightful and spunky kind of sports. I’m talking about the simply-named-yet-also-confusing-because-of-the-simplicity-of-the-naming band: the Philly DIY four-piece, SPORTS. Continue reading →