#TBTXPN : The music of 1979

All summer long, XPN is going on a different musical journey Thursdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.  on #TBTXPN.

Looking in the rear view mirror to 40 years ago, we couldn’t help but notice the overabundance of musical riches from the year 1979. Classic releases from multiple genres like rock, rap, R&B, disco, and new wave were crashing up against our ears on our radios, our boomboxes, and — in the Summer of ’79 — on a new device called the Sony Walkman. Continue reading →


Listen to our massive First Song, First Side, First Album #TBTXPN Spotify playlist

Throwback Thursday – #TBTXPN – is back every Thursday, all summer long. Our first week we celebrated the music of 1968. This past week we dug deep into our record collections and played the “lead-off” tracks – the first songs from the side ones of debut albums. We pulled together a list of the songs we played on XPN, plus more, in a Spotify playlist of 140 + songs – over 9 hours of music to listen to below. Continue reading →


It’s a fitter, happier, more productive #TBTXPN as we revisit 1997

A pig in a cage on antibiotics

For the final Throwback Thursday of the summer, we visit a year that defies easy categorization — a year that saw masterworks released by experimental rock auteurs Radiohead, slain hip-hop icon The Notorious B.I.G., neo-soul priestess Erykah Badu and punk rock trio Sleater-Kinney. A year when the forward-gazing tones of electronic music crept their way into the mainstream (Daft PunkChemical Brothers) and a year that pop was unstoppable (Mariah CareyHanson) and POP was a tremendously underrated album by U2.

We are of course talking about the year 1997, and we’ll spend Thursday, August 31st 20 years in the past. Tune in from 6am to 7pm ET at 88.5 FM in Philly or stream online at worldwide. Check out some of what’s in store below.
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#TBTXPN: Revisit the magical hit factory of The Brill Building

At 1619 Broadway in Manhattan, 49th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, music history was written. The Brill Building was an office that, in the mid 50s and early 60s, housed teams of professional songwriters who would come up with hits of the day that went on to be popularized by girl groups and Motown Combos.

The writers, from Neil Diamond to Neil Sedaka, Carole King to Connie Francis, explored young love and heartbreak with top notch session musicians and even orchestras. Their sound was so striking that it went on to influence pop songwriters around the country, and for this week’s WXPN Throwback Thursday, we take you to the Brill Building and beyond. Continue reading →


#TBTXPN: The Beatles go solo all day on WXPN

WXPN’s Throwback Thursday series, #TBTXPN, is back this week with a full day of tunes from four guys named John, Paul, George and Ringo.  That’s right – a full day of The Beatles! But not songs that were written by Beatles, for The Beatles. Instead, XPN will drop the needle on the A sides and the B sides from each one of the Fab Four’s solo records! Who knows, maybe you’ll be amazed at the instant karma you receive after taking a photograph of all things that must pass you while listening! Continue reading →


#TBTXPN would like to ask you a question

TBTXPN: Question Songs

WXPN’s Throwback Thursday series, #TBTXPN, leaps into its latest installment, with a twist. All songs must be phrased in the form of a question. It’s like #TBTXPN Jeopardy!

From “Who Are You?” to “What Do You Want From Me?,” “When Will I See You Again?” to “Where Is My Mind?” and “Why Can’t I Be You?”, we’re asking all the big questions this week. Continue reading →


#TBTXPN: It’s the sounds of the year 1987

TBTXPN: 1987

There are a lot of incredible records celebrating their 30th anniversaries this year, not the least of which is U2‘s landmark record The Joshua Tree. This week on WXPN’s Throwback Thursday, we’ll dive into the music of the year 1987 — The Cure‘s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me to Prince‘s Sign O’ The Times, Siouxie and the Banshees‘ Through the Looking Glass to Whitney Houston‘s self-titled debut.
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#TBTXPN: Music that takes you to the movies

We’ve been having a lot of fun this summer on WXPN’s Throwback Thursdays — or #TBTXPN, in the social media universe. We’ve already unpacked The Beatles’ classic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for its 50th anniversary, explored “musical shadows” (aka famous covers and their corresponding originals), brought you a parade of number one hits and revisited the second British invasion.

This week on #TBTXPN, we’re going to the movies. Continue reading →


#TBTXPN: Oasis, Blur and the second British Invasion

When you think of the words “British Invasion,” you probably think of the 1960s and The Beatles and Stones. Maybe The Kinks.

But music from Great Britain continued making an impact in the states in the decades that ensued, flourishing in the 80s and coming to a peak once again with the Britpop scene of the early 90s. This week on #TBTXPN, we’re exploring that “second British invasion,” from the glossy synthpop of The Eurythmics and the sneering glam of Billy Idol to the stadium rock rivalry of Oasis and Blur.  Continue reading →