Tash Sultana lives in the moment at The Met Philly

When Tash Sultana told The Met Philly that the world “is a pretty messed up place right now,” they didn’t specify what they felt was making it that way. Sure, we could venture a guess, but last Friday night, the Melbourne singer-guitarist could have been referring to any number of things that flashed across our news feed all week. For Sultana (who is nonbinary and uses they/their pronouns) it was more crucial to focus on uniting rather than dividing — something, they observed, their gigs tend to do.

“It is so nice when you look into a crowd of people and see every single age, every single race, every single sexuality and gender,” they said. “There’s people in the world who want to tear that simplicity apart, but not in here montherfucker! Things are changing, and it’s beautiful to be a part of.” Continue reading →


Just Announced: Madonna’s Madame X tour is coming to The Met

Madonna | courtesy of Live Nation

Madonna has extended her world tour behind her forthcoming album Madame X, and will be making a stop in Philly this December. The tour will see the pop icon playing more intimate venues than usual, appearing in cities across North America and Europe in mini-residencies. The tour includes a three night run at The Met on December 7, 8 and 11. Continue reading →


The wave-riding GRiZ fills The Met Philly with stimulating energy

GRiZ | photo by Emily DeHart for WXPN

Since breaking out all the way back in 2013, GRiZ has continued to raise the bar for combining electronic, jazz, dubstep, and funk sounds. This is surely not a combination that most take on the task of creating, but he’s made it work at festivals like Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo. His headlining tours are the best exemplification of his distinct talent, though, and we saw that when his Ride Waves tour came to The Met on Saturday.

Starting the show off with an dazzling set of strobing white lights, GRiZ’s silhouette appeared on stage with an intensity like no other. His presence on stage ignited the electricity in the audience, filling the room with stimulating energy. Continue reading →


Patti Smith holds court with covers and classics at The Met Philly

Patti Smith | photo by Ben Wong for WXPN |

“It better be alright because that’s what’s happening.”

This is the response Patti Smith offered to a gracious fan after having to restart a song midway through her Monday night performance at Philly’s Metropolitan Opera House. It was delivered in good humor but also succinctly summed up Smith’s performance, and her iconoclastic role in music in general. The indomitable “punk poet laureate” has always embodied a no-frills, no-fucks spirit and sincerity that the genre represents at its best. Over a two-hour, sixteen song set that blended classics, covers, and banter, that spirit of spontaneity filled the venue to render it, and the crowd inside it, electric. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Lizzo will headline The Met in September

Lizzo | photo by Luke Gilford | courtesy of the artist

After selling out nearly every single show on her upcoming “Cuz I Love You” tour, Lizzo just announced another run of shows this fall. The “Cuz I Love You Too” tour will take the multitalented singer/rapper/flutist throughout the US, playing some of her biggest venues yet. Just four months after Lizzo plays a sold-out TLA show on May 18, she’ll return to town to headline The Met on September 18.

After releasing a series of instant-favorite singles, like the ever-so-catchy “Juice,” and making several television appearances throughout the winter, Lizzo’s highly-anticipated album Cuz I Love You came out last week; it’s her third full-length and her major label debut. Continue reading →


Watch Amos Lee collaborate with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia at The Met

Amos Lee and Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia at The Met Philly | photo by Helen Leicht for WXPN

On Saturday night, singer-songwriter Amos Lee headlined The Met for his Philly show in support of last year’s My New Moon album, and it was full of hometown collaborations, including one with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.

Under the direction of singer-songwriter Andrew Lipke, the 9-piece string section added an elegant and emotional accompaniment to much of the night’s setlist, particularly “Violin” from 2011’s Mission Bell, a song that’s a huge tear-jerker to begin with. Continue reading →


The blues lives on through Gary Clark Jr. at the Met

Gary Clark Jr. | photo by Avi Warren |

Since the blues is one of the most recycled genres in music since the early 20th century, it takes a lot to stick out as a blues-based artist. There’s only so much you can do with a guitar, the pentatonic scale, and a few licks. Or so you think. You see, the key is to explore into the world of intangibles. For instance, BB King played with feel and Albert King played with attitude. Son House played with grandiose, and Robert Johnson? He played with the melancholic-yet-passionate grit that only an oppressed, working class young southern black man from the early 20th century would understand.

Gary Clark Jr. took bits and pieces of all the blues legends before him, studied them, mastered them, then peppered them with elements of hip hop and soul to perfect a fresh take on an old recipe. Clark finds a way to pay homage to the blues greats of the 20th century, but he is careful not to rehash the same old blues tropes or re-create cheap imitations of the real thing. Clark is as authentic a songwriter as there ever was, and he proved it at a marathon two-and-a-half-hour concert at The Met Friday night. Continue reading →


Just Announced: The Head and The Heart will bring Living Mirage to The Met

The Head and The Heart | Photo by Vince Aung | courtesy of the artist

Last week, The Head and The Heart announced their forthcoming album Living Mirage, which’ll be out May 17, and shared its first single, “Missed Connection.” Soon, most of the US will have the chance to see the folk rock faves live — the band just announced a 38-city North American tour that begins in April and runs through October with hardly a break. The tour includes two nights at Red Rocks, an appearance at the Woodstock 50th anniversary festival — and most importantly, a headlining show at The Met Philadelphia on October 8. Continue reading →


Cheers for the Freakin’ Meekend: A triumphant Meek Mill headlines The Met Philly

Meek Mill | photo by Lissa Alicia for WXPN

The King has returned, and he did so with much fanfare. March 15 was the start of the Meekend, and Philly’s favorite rapper, Meek Mill, kicked it off with his first sold-out headlining concert at The Met Philadelphia, his first hometown show since his release from prison last year.

Meek’s welcome home was a rather grandiose experience. Social media was plastered with images of Meek exiting SCI Chester, hopping on a helicopter heading to the Well Fargo Center to catch a Sixers game court-side with his son.

With the support of part-owner of the Sixers, Michael Rubin, as well as District Attorney Larry Krasner, and Jay Z, Meek has become the celebrity face of prison reform. This new role is an interesting juxtaposition for an artist who has been very vocal about his involvement in illegal street activity, though the two are not mutually exclusive. The reason for Meek’s latest incarceration stint was arguably low stakes — a probation violation that stemmed from a guns and drug case that he acquired when he was 19 years old.

For a while, Meek was going through a seemingly never-ending series of L’s, of course significantly less consequential than his incarceration. These losses included a highly publicized beef with Drake, where the Canadian rapper released to back-to-back dis songs, before our local fav could even get a word in edgewise. Meek also found himself single after he and his long-term girlfriend Nicki Minaj broke up. Funny enough, Philly folk did not hesitate to bump any of Drake’s diss tracks. Despite all this Philly still loves them some Meek and it showed during the Meekend. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Sarah McLachlan will play The Met with The Philly Pops

Sarah McLachlan | photo by Kharen Hill | courtesy of the artist

Sarah McLachlan has announced a series of intimate shows this summer that will see the iconic singer-songwriter backed by a live symphony orchestra. Instead of touring with an orchestra, McLachlan has invited local symphonies across the country to join her in each city — the tour includes shows with the National Symphony Orchestra and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, and here in Philly she’ll be joined by The Philly Pops for a show at The Met on August 5. Continue reading →