Tonight’s Concert Picks: Little Big League at The Fire, Beano at The Blockley, Tin Horses at The Khyber Pass

little big league

Indie rockers Little Big League are releasing their first full-length album These Are Good People on August 6, and are celebrating with a record release show at The Fire tonight. They’ll be playing with Cruiser, Slow Animal, and Gunk – find more information here. Check out their melodic, lightly punk tune “My Very Own You” below.

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Interview: Keil Everett of Tin Horses on guitar jams, writing on the road and his favorite Dinosaur Jr. album

Photo by Dan Cohoon |

Not to be overshadowed by his gig in Philly noisemakers Purling Hiss, singer-guitarist Keil Everett and his band Tin Horses released their second LP, A Life Of Trouble, earlier this month as a free download on their Bandcamp page. Everett started the group as an outlet for his own songwriting style – a mixture of twangy Americana and long, gritty guitar freakouts reminiscent of Neil Young’s work with Crazy Horse (if they were into late-80s’ indie rock like Dinosaur Jr). Despite being busy with the release of Purling Hiss’ new album Water On Mars release last week, Everett took some time out of his hectic schedule to swap emails with The Key about the origin of Tin Horses’, playing guitar versus playing bass, creative influences and more.

The Key: Who is Tin Horses? How did you all meet and start playing music together?

Kiel Everett: Currently, Tin Horses is Kiel Everett, Mike Sobel and Patrick Hickey. I met both these guys working at a job years ago and played music with them individually at random points. When the idea for a band came up, they were the guys that I wanted to play with.

TK: Band names can be difficult to come up with. Was that true for you guys? Where did the name Tin Horses come from?

KE: Before Tin Horses I was doing more of a solo acoustic sound, I had the name Ol’ Balthazar. When we started playing and writing together, it naturally became more of a rock band, so Ol’ Balthazar had to go. Before practice one day I was looking through a notebook and saw that I wrote down the words Tin Horses long before and decided that’s gonna be the name of this band. I don’t like to think too hard about things.

TK: Kiel, I know you’ve been pretty busy lately as the bassist in Purling Hiss. How do you manage doing both bands?

KE: I’m always thinking about Tin Horses, that’s my band and my creative outlet. I was doing Tin Horses long before I started playing with Purling Hiss. Even when The Hiss is on the road I’m writing the new batch of Tin Horses songs. That’s how I wrote A Life of Trouble, on tour. Continue reading →


Listen to Tin Horses’ new album A Life of Trouble

TinHorsesLocal band Tin Horses released their second LP, A Life Of Trouble, last Friday as a free stream on their Bandcamp page. The group is led by singer/guitarist Kiel Everett, who founded it as an outlet for his songwriting outside his bass duties for local psych-rockers Purling Hiss. Rounding out the band’s lineup are Michael Sobel on guitar/lap steel, Patrick Hickey on bass/backing vocals and Stephen Rockwell on drums/backing vocals.

The new album picks up right where their impressive debut, American Radiance, left off. Tin Horses’ sound is a mixture of twangy Americana and long, gritty guitar freakouts reminiscent of Neil Young’s work with Crazy Horse, if they were into late 80s’ indie rock like Dinosaur Jr.

What sets A Life Of Trouble apart from their debut is the harder rock edge found on some of the songs, such as “Sad Dust Glories.” The track starts off with some feedback and some some guitar interplay before going into the songs main riff over a rumbling drum beat from Rockwell. For the last minute of the song Everett proves there’s more than just one guitar hero in Purling Hiss, cutting loose on one of the albums many blistering solos.

The juxtaposition of more straight forward bluesy roots rock songwriting alongside longer, more jam-oriented tracks filled with impressive guitar work makes A Life of Trouble an interesting listen. Check it ou in the player below.


Natalie Prass covers Prefab Sprout’s “Wild Horses”

Natalie Prass | photo by Tonje Thilesen | courtesy of the artist
Natalie Prass | photo by Tonje Thilesen | courtesy of the artist

Natalie Prass found herself in Philly so often in 2018, following the release her sophomore album The Future and The Past, that we were beginning to forget that she isn’t a local. Thankfully, the Richmond-based singer-songwriter will be back in town next Friday, January 18, for a show at the Fillmore supporting Kacey Musgraves. And ahead of the show, she has a new song for us to hear.

Prass has shared a new cover of “Wild Horses” by 80s Britpop band Prefab Sprout for Amazon Music; it’s available to stream and purchase exclusively at Amazon, but you can see a video of the song filmed live at Seattle venue Chop Suey below. Continue reading →


Listen to a heavier side of mewithoutYou on new track “Julia (or, ‘Holy to the LORD’ on the Bells of Horses)”

mewithoutYou | photo by Rachel Del Sordo

One can never quite pin down mewithoutYou. In their nearly two-decade career the esoteric Philly rock band have covered ground from freak-folk to garage rock. Their most consistent feature is the enigmatic spiritual lyrics of vocalist Aaron Weiss. Based on the title of their new track, “Julia (or, ‘Holy to the LORD’ on the Bells of Horses)”, listeners can rest assured that quality has not been lost. Musically, however, the song is something of a shift. Continue reading →


Caroline Reese goes full country on new EP Two Horses

Caroline Reese | photo by Morgan Smith |

Reading  native Caroline Reese has just released her newest EP, Two Horses, a quick collection following her earlier 2017 album Tenderfoot. Reese has quite the expansive repertoire of alternative/indie songs under her belt, but she’s a country artist at heart, and these four new tracks really show us her roots.  Continue reading →


A funny thing happened around XPN HQ this week involving…horses.

I like to think that WXPN is a pretty fun place to work. Beyond the music, that is; beyond the studio sessions, Free at Noon concerts, etc. etc. Beyond all of that, the office atmosphere itself is inviting and positive.

We got an illustration of that on Monday morning when a number of my coworkers returned from their weekend — or, in Talia Schlanger’s case, from vacation — to discover animal figurines adorning their workspaces. Mostly horses; at least one tiger.

Talia posted the above Tweet wondering what the heck was up; program director Bruce Warren replied in the most XPN way possible. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Liz Longley at Tin Angel, Kur at TLA, Rosali at Ortileb’s


Liz Longley | courtesy of the artist
Liz Longley | courtesy of the artist

Singer/songwriter Liz Longley will headline Tin Angel tonight with support from Brian Dunne. Her latest, Weightless, saw the Downingtown native exploring more overtly pop territory. This is most apparent in the dramatic title track, which you can stream below. Find tickets and more information at XPN’s Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Rosali preps December residency at Ortileb’s with rotating cast of openers

Rosali | photo by Ben Cortese | via her Facebook page
Rosali | photo by Ben Cortese | via her Facebook page

Philly folk singer Rosali‘s latest EP, Out of Love was released over a year ago, but this December, she’ll be performing a weekly residency at Ortileb’s. The shows will take place each Wednesday–December 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, and she’s brought along her friends to help out. Show one will feature support from Birdie Busch, show two from Oldermost, show three from Kiel Everett of Tin Horses, and show four from The Writhing Squares. Music begins at 8:00 p.m. each week, so come down, grab a beer, and get your folk on. Continue reading →