Restorations returns to Tiny Engines for LP5000, due out this summer

Restorations | photo by Emily Dubin | courtesy of the artist

Rooted in the Philadelphia punk community, Restorations is readying the release of its fourth album of epically loud guitar rock — and in doing so, it’s returning to its roots.

The band will release LP5000 in September via Tiny Engines, the label that released its self-titled debut back in 2011, along with the A/B 7″ not long after. The band’s subsequent two LPs were released on veteran L.A. punk label, an imprint that’s been having some challenging times of late, so for the band’s latest, they’re returning to Tiny Engines.

The seven songs that make up LP5000 are themed around displacement and transition. The band hit a lot of personal and professional milestones in the making of it: frontman Jon Loudon’s marriage, multi-instrumentalist Ben Pierce’s opening of The Tasty, Dave Klyman studying audio engineering, the band building a new studio / practice space in East Mt. Airy, all while all this crazy stuff was going on in the world too.

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The Spirit Of The Beehive sign to Tiny Engines, prep release of sophomore LP

Spirit Of The Beehive | photo by Emily Burtner | courtesy of the artist
The Spirit Of The Beehive | photo by Emily Burtner | courtesy of the artist

Philly noise rockers The Spirit Of The Beehive have just signed to North Carolina’s Tiny Engines, joining fellow Philly acts like Mannequin Pussy and Cayetana. Just last week, the indie label announced that, for a limited time, they would be donating  all digital proceeds to Planned Parenthood and Southern Poverty Law Center, and now, they’re gearing up for the release of TSOTB’s sophomore LP. Continue reading →


Tiny Engines bring the good will with “Pay-What-You-Will” catalog for charity

In light of Tuesday’s election results, North Carolina-based indie label Tiny Engines has become the latest in a line of musical entities to put their wares up for charity. Starting this week, their entire catalog, which includes standout Philly acts like Mannequin Pussy, Cayetana, and Little Big League, will be available under the “Pay-What-You-Will” format with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and Southern Poverty Law Center. Continue reading →


Little Big League joins Tiny Engines Records roster, preps album for summer release

Just in from Philly indie rock four-piece Little Big League has signed a deal with the Carolina-based Tiny Engines Records, who also recently picked up local trio Cayetana. The band recently wrapped up recording its debut full-lengths These Are Good People, and will release it through Tiny Engines this summer. From Absolute Punk:

The band’s debt to 90s indie guitar rock is respectfully paid while Zauner’s gorgeously unique vocal stylings and striking lyrical imagery add to the album’s dark atmosphere. There is a level of tension and impending danger built, both lyrically and musically, that revels in the vulnerability of us all. These Are Good People is an album about coming of age, loss, and the overwhelming acceptance of reality over a failed romanticism. Due out this Summer on Tiny Engines, the album is a stunning indie rock debut from the Philadelphia quartet.

Congrats to Michelle, Kevin, Ian and Deven. Download their Key Studio Session performance of “St. John’s” below.


Philly’s Cayetana signs to Tiny Engines records

CayetanaCongrats to Philly indie-punk three-piece Cayetana on signing with Tiny Engines Records. Formed last year by longtime punk scene sisters Kelly Olsen, Allegra Anka and Augusta Koch, the band kicks out minimal and poppy fuzz-rocker tunes, kind of in the vein of Helium, Velocity Girl or – for more recent parallels – Dum Dum Girls and Grass Widow. The label announced the new deal today, with some emphatic gushing care of The Menzingers’ Tom May:

These three ladies came together about a year ago, which also happens to be when they started playing their instruments. This has let them develop a chemistry that takes other bands years to achieve, if at all. They’ve jumped head first with their clothes on into the pool at the raging party that is the Philadelphia punk scene. Their self-released demo/e.p. is quite the piece of ear candy. The contemplative and sometimes poignant lyrics delivered in a sincere and oft-urgent croon are perfectly complimented with a locked-in rhythm section comprising of melodious bass lines and driven, hoppy work on the skins. You can expect to hear a lot more from Cayetana in the coming months.

The band is currently recording new material for an LP release on Tiny Engines this summer. In the meantime, you can listen to its 2012 demo below, grab a pay-what-you-wish download here and see them Friday night at Waxahatchee’s album release show at Golden Tea House with Swearin’ and Radiator Hospital, capping off an already insanely stacked lineup.


Restorations tackles overdevelopment and displacement on “The Red Door”

Restorations | photo by Emily Dubin | courtesy of the artist

Last month, we shared the news that long-running and beloved Philly punk rockers Restorations will be releasing a new record, called LP5000, in September, and today we can finally hear the first tune from the forthcoming album. “The Red Door,” a charged anthem full of all the energy we’d expect from Restorations, and you can hear it below. Continue reading →


Weller recounts lessons of adulthood in “Boroughs”

Weller | photo by Emily Dubin | photo courtesy of the artist

“Boroughs,” the new single from Philly indie rock band Weller, is a swinging punch of pop punk at only a minute and a half long. The song weaves catchy melodies with vulnerable, personal narratives that the band is known for – lyrics reminiscent of scene leaders Death Cab for Cutie, Tigers Jaw or Modern Baseball.

The trio – singer, songwriter and guitarist Harrison Nantz, bassist Evan Clark Moorehead and drummer Jeremy Berkin – comes across charming, cheery, and down-to-earth in their music, and “Boroughs” seems optimistically upbeat, driven by crunchy guitar riffs. The lyrics, however, tell the story of an unraveling relationship. Nantz sings regretfully about leaving and letting go, recounting lessons of adulthood: “And then we move you away from Jamaica, Queens / White sheets and a cleaner place to sleep / And I’ve already learned my lesson / You haven’t aged since seventeen.” Appealing in its relatability, the song comments on growing out of a relationship like a pair of ill-fitting pants and severing the toxic ties to a past life. Continue reading →


The Business of Art: Meet the two Philadelphians bringing industry smarts to DIY with Lost + Found MGMT

Emily Dubin (left) and Jeremy Berkin of Lost + Found MGMT | photo by Ashley Gellman for WXPN |

The Philly scene is Do It Yourself. It’s nitty gritty, get-down-to-business, we-don’t-need-your-stinking-labels. It is “we got this, it’s easy.” And that’s all well and good. The rockstar as self-made, as taking on everything, as complete auteur of their hard-earned art. It’s a nice image, it just isn’t entirely true.

DIY is, at its very core, collaboration. The truth is the “yourself” is really “ourselves.” It is a collective, a big heap of like-minded people not waiting for anyone to do something they know they can do themselves. It is about communication and honesty, about avoiding the pitfalls of mixing business and art, about succeeding together, not in spite of each other. There is no one able to do it all and, more often than not, those who try end up so bogged down they can barely reach above the surface for air, let alone finish their new LP.

In step Emily Dubin and Jeremy Berkin of Lost + Found MGMT. They aren’t here to take control, they aren’t the big, bad, faceless business crushing the true artists, and they are nowhere near outsiders. It doesn’t take long to realize, as I sit across from the two in West Philly’s Green Line Cafe, they are the essence of DIY; here do it with you, not for you. Continue reading →