NAH release new album, Difficult

4094282924-1Michael Kuhn has been busy as hell. Between his solo project, NAH, and his band 1994!, he has toured the UK and Europe, and released two new albums and a mix tape, most (if not all) of which was recorded while on said tour – and all of this was accomplished since January. And despite the seemingly rushed processes, none of this new material disappoints. Kuhn seems to have an infinite supply of trashy, mathy drum beats, as well as a whole bunch of odd samples that sound like they were stored on an ancient hard drive built out of wood and nails. He really has no reason to stop releasing this stuff; it’s all so original and innovative, it would be best for all of us if he would just keep on making this stuff forever. Here’s to hoping for that. The new album is totally free (while free downloads last), as well as almost everything else on NAH’s Bandcamp page. While you’re at it, go download the new 1994! EP, which is also free – another reason why these guys are killing it right now.

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1994! slay your earbuds with surprise EP

1994A two piece from Lancaster, 1994! got very comfortable in the Philly scene a few years back after touring with pals Snowing and Algernon Cadwallader, as well as playing some very memorable shows in the Philadelphia area. They have always had a very specific sound, blending the more brutal side of math-rock with the more ass-kicking side of (aforementioned) emo and pop-punk contemporaries. On this release, slyly titled “FUCK IT,” they have maintained all of the ferocity and catchiness of past releases, and have added a healthy overload of lo-fi mentality. The EP is driven and heartfelt enough to satisfy any 1994! fan, and is fresh enough to rein in some new blood as well. In all the hissing glory of what sounds like one, maybe two microphones, this is a tour record done right. Bien cuit.