Download the new Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume One for free

The Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume OneThe Key Studio Sessions Compilation Volume One—which you can download for free here—features one exclusive track recorded at the WXPN studios by 17 local acts, including Cheers Elephant, Grimace Federation, Summer Fiction, Moon Women, Prowler, Attia Taylor, 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers, Res, Purling Hiss, The Shackeltons, Soars, Johnny Miles And The Waywards, Creepoid, By Surprise, Lady, Slutever, and American Babies.

Want to hear more? Click here to listen to the full sessions by all 17 local acts. You can also download The Key Studio Sessions Compilation, Volume One in its entirety as a .zip file.


The Key Studio Sessions: 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers crime novel things up


They call it “noir-hop.” And, though I’m not sure what other artists might fall into this emergent genre, I will say that aspiring MCs could take a cue from 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers. The stylish Philly duo of Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro present their music so hardboiled and sandpaper-rough it cuts to the bone. Zilla offered a good summation as their recent Key Studio Session kicked off: “Let’s crime novel this up.” Mixing in cinematic sound clips, alluring samples (The Velvet Underground, Cat Power, The Notorious B.I.G.), live guitar textures, and clever wordplay, it’s a smart, arty blend that was as fascinating in our studio as it is when backed by interpretive dancers. The clip in that link actually features a track from Castro’s recent solo outing, Winston’s Appeal, but you might see something similar when the Shadowboxers’ monthly showcase, Double Entendre, comes to The M Room on Thursday, February 24th.