Echoes’ John Diliberto picks his top ten greatest songs of the New Millenium (and explains why!)

Ulrich Schnauss at Glastonbury 2013 - Photo by Nat Urazmetova
Ulrich Schnauss at Glastonbury 2013 – Photo by Nat Urazmetova
John Diliberto is the host of the long standing public radio show Echoes, broadcast on XPN, Monday-Thursday at 11 P.M. John also hosts Sleepy Hollow on XPN every Sunday morning from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. The following article appears in the Echoes blog. We asked John to submit his top ten songs of the new millenium (songs from 2001-present) for this year’s 885 countdown. Voting ends next Monday, September 16 at midnight. Submit your votes here. If you vote, you’ll be entered into a contest win a trip to see John Mayer in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl.

Here’s John’s “Greatest Songs of the 21st Century… So Far: An Idiosyncratic List.”

The thirteenth year of the 21st century doesn’t seem to be the right time to look back on the best of the millennium. Those lists usually come on the decade and quarter century marks. But I was asked to compile another Top Ten list for Echoes affiliate, WXPN in Philadelphia. This time, the impossible assignment was picking the Top Ten Greatest Songs of the New Millennium for their 885 Greatest Songs of the New Millennium Countdown. This is never an easy task but it made me think of the songs I keep coming back to, the songs that haven’t left my iPhone where music is constantly being cycled off to make room for new material.

One thing I like about this list is it takes classic rock, new wave, progressive rock and just about everything else I grew up with out of the equation. In my 885 Best Rock Songs list I picked The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” as number one and wrote that “I think any of 10 tunes by The Rolling Stones could be on this list.” On this list, there aren’t any great new Rolling Stones tunes in this century. Nor are there any great new Pink Floyd, The Who or Hendrix tunes to be found. Six of my ten songs are from artists who began recording in the 2000′s

Because it is greatest “songs,” I left out instrumentals, except for one, which, in an admittedly idiosyncratic move, I made number 1. For some reason, several of the tracks are from 2008. It’s not much like the lists of other XPN hosts, and will certainly be nothing like the list that comes from their 885 Greatest Songs of the New Millennium Poll with listeners, but it’s my list. Follow the link to vote for your own. Voting ends September 16. At the bottom, I’ve got a Spotify Playlist of John Diliberto’s Top Ten Songs of the New Millennium, So Far.

1 – Ulrich Schnauss – “Clear Day”
StrangleyWhat a great way to start this list, a wash of white noise obliterating all that came before, then slowly a syncopated 4/4 snare groove rolls in, droning synth chords, a chilling melody and one of those classic Ulrich Schnauss choruses that hooks you on a train ride to ecstasy. This is one of several tracks from Schnauss’ 2003 CD A Strangely Isolated Place that I could’ve picked. (See Five Best Ulrich Schnauss CDs). Somebody should write lyrics for this. It’s waiting to be a hit.

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