This month’s Shaking Through: “Night Owl” by Bologna, Italy’s A Classic Education

A Classic Education

This month’s edition of Weathervane Music‘s and WXPN‘s Shaking Through series features Italian indie-pop sextet A Classic Eduction. The folks over at Shaking Through describe the track, “Night Owl,” as “a dreamy love story between a boy and an owl,” and “a band favorite for its unconventional song structure: three parts that fail to repeat, all jammed into three minutes.”

This is the first episode of Shaking Through’s second season; the band was selected by Guest Curator Elise Oleksiak (of the Brooklyn-based blog Pixelhorse). Of her choice, Oleksiak says, “I love pop music. I love music that is well written, well composed, well executed…People need to know [A Classic Education’s] music. People need to hear them and see them.”

You can listen to “Night Owl” below; visit the website to see video interviews, photos, and extended/deleted scenes shot during the session (as well as a video from a stripped-down live performance at Bookspace in Philadelphia).