Adam Rudolph brings his Organic Guitar Orchestra to FringeArts

Adam Rudolph
Adam Rudolph and GO: Organic Guitar Orchestra | photo by Scott Friedlander

Put ten of the world’s greatest guitarists together on one stage, and what do you get? Not what you might expect in the case of Adam Rudolph’s Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra, which will perform at FringeArts on Sunday, presented by Ars Nova Workshop. Guided by the percussionist/composer’s conducted improvisation techniques, what could be an unruly eruption of six-string pyrotechnics becomes a unified ensemble exploring a wide range of textures, colors, and combinations.

“Since guitar players have all these foot pedals and sound processing and can sound like so many different things, I thought we could really make it sound like a futuristic orchestra,” says Rudolph. “All these players are phenomenal guitarists, but it’s serving a bigger orchestral palette and a bigger sentiment about what we’re expressing. That’s why it’s successful for me as a composer.”

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