The ladies of Catnaps reunite tonight at KungFu Necktie with solo projects

Photo by Becca Green
Photo by Becca Green

Twee pop band Catnaps took a permanent rest last spring, but that doesn’t mean the members have stopped playing music altogether. Front ladies of the band Adrienne Gold and Carolyn Haynes are both taking on new, individual projects. Gold’s Tender Vision and Haynes’ Ghost Gum will play together tonight at Kung Fu Necktie along with Forbidden Rooms, made up of members from Ladies Auxiliary, and Humble Fires from D.C.

Tender Vision and Ghost Gum are new bands to the punk scene, but not collectively. Aside from Gold, Tender Vision is made up of members from punk band Address. But tonight, they’ll play their first Philly show.

Meanwhile, Ghost Gum includes members of indie punk band Glocca Morra. With so many creative minds within each of the projects, any devout listener of the bands can easily pick out the Catnaps/Address/Glocca Morra influences.

Ghost Gum’s bandcamp, currently filled with four demos, features distinctive Glocca guitar slides and punky riffs while keeping Haynes’ twinkling, indiepop sound. Tender Vision currently has two songs on their bandcamp: “Just Kill Me,” an original released just this January, and an experimental, spacey cover of the Beatles’ “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” which according to the band’s Facebook page, will be available for free download for just one week.

Hang out with these Philly-famous punkers tonight. The 21+ show will start at 8 p.m. and costs $7 at the door.


Guest VJ Maeve Walker of WKDU previews previews this month’s Tuesday Tune-Out (kicks off tonight at PhilaMOCA)

WKDU’s famed vinyl library: 41 years of collecting, one room to house it

For fans of PhilaMOCA‘s music-and-film Tuesday Tune-Out series, any month with five Tuesdays is extra awesome, allowing the curators to stretch out for an additional week and dig that much deeper into their field of expertise. This October, the venue brought on the folks from WKDU, Drexel University’s non-commercial free-form student station, to curate the lineup, and it’s a fantastic cross-section of the city’s DIY music scene. I caught up with program director Maeve Walker over email to get a preview of what’s in store this month. All shows are all ages, begin at 7:30 p.m. and are $5 at the door. For this month, all films are TBA.

From Maeve:
WKDU is the biggest free-format, student-run radio station in Philadelphia. We play literally any kind of music that you don’t hear on regular radio, and we wanted to highlight that through our curation of PhilaMOCA’s Tuesday Tune Out. By choosing up-and-coming bands, currently popular, or old pros, it really shows the variety that we have here on the station. We are excited to show off bands that we regularly play, and let them experiment and shine in this excellent opportunity! Continue reading →