Gettin’ Real OCD with Moosh & Twist (playing the First Unitarian on 12/29)

Friends since childhood, rap duo DeQuincy “Moosh” Coleman McRae and Oliver “Twist” Feighan, better known by their performance name, OCD: Moosh & Twist, continue their rise as one of Philly’s most popular hip-hop acts. The pair have been recording together since they were still in high school–which, surprisingly, was not so long ago, despite their seasoned performance style.

Moosh and Twist caught audiences by surprise in 2011 with a fresh perspective on following dreams and keeping cool under pressure with addictive tracks like”Possibilities” and  “Take Me Back.”  After the explosive success of their debut mixtape, Up Before The World, Moosh and Twist continued recording and started popping up in different venues throughout the area, which landed the pair to a tour with Aer this past summer. In the midst of the chaos preparing for their upcoming headlining tour, we swapped e-mails with Moosh and Twist to get the skinny on how they started, what they’ve got coming up projects and their shared excitement about performing. Continue reading →