Fly with Cheers Elephant on their newly released track “Airliner”

Cheers Elephant's "Airliner" cover art
Cheers Elephant’s “Airliner” cover art

Ok, so because of videos like this, this, this, and this, we kind of knew this was coming. But here at The Key we can’t get enough of local expats Cheers Elephant, so we’re going to blog about their new release anyway! The former Philly turned LA quartet has finally released the studio version of “Airliner,” following last month’s single “Speak Think.” Both songs are part of a flurry of new music from the band, and in case you haven’t been following, the band has a few more good ones you should expect to be released as well; there’s the jammy, chillax, Kurt Vile-esque “Summer Surf,” and the catchy and fun “Steak Knife,” which is sure to get you dancing. But before you check those songs out, make sure you check out “Airliner” below. Continue reading →


PREMIERE: Cheers Elephant perform “Airliner” for SoFAR Sounds

Taken from Sofar Sounds' Instagram.
Taken from Sofar Sounds’ Instagram.

So waaaay back in March, former Philly homies Cheers Elephant teamed up with Sofar Sounds‘ Austin crew during SXSW. The result of said pairing is the track “Airliner.” The exclusive performance, which is technically not in a room as most SoFAR (Songs From A Room) sessions are, has the perfect breezy demeanor to balance its laid-back location. Continue reading →