My Morning Download: “The Way We Fall” by Alela Diane

(Photo at L'Europeen by Catherine Chenu)
(Photo at L’Europeen by Catherine Chenu)
Portland folk singer-songwriter Alela Diane has a new record out, the self-released About Farewell. It’s a breakup album and a musically stripped down and stark affair. What you hear mostly is her gorgeous voice, an acoustic guitar and the sound of heartache. Writing for Pitchfork, Steven Hyden says it best:

About Farewell is yet another addition to the canon of brokenhearted sadsack singer-songwriter records. Surely there will be another artist attempting to make their own Blood on the Tracks or Blue very soon. Alela Diane hasn’t upended the form, but that probably wasn’t her intent. What she needed was a port in a storm, and About Farewell is a very sturdy bulwark.