The 12 Days of Local Christmas: download “Hustle and Bustle” by Alex Radus

Photo by Kirstin Angel

WXPN’s Twelve Days of Local Christmas continues today with the song “Hustle and Bustle” by Alex Radus. Radus is a Philadelphia based singer-songwriter who performed in the indie-folk duo Deunde from 2000-2005 and released his solo debut album in 2007; this song was written in collaboration with New York singer-songwriter Charles Ramsey and Basia Grocholski, a Brooklyn-based designer. Says Grocholski: “I wrote the song to not only to challenge myself as a writer, but also to create something that would help arts programs in public schools here. I approached Lance Davis, the producer in Philadelphia to help record it, and he put me in touch with Charles Ramsey who helped arrange it and fix some of the wording. Lance hired Alex originally to just play guitar, but after hearing his voice, I felt he would make the song -I sing the harmony. ”

The 12 Days of Local Christmas compilation is curated by XPN mid-day host Helen Leicht and the songs will be played daily during My Morning Download on the Morning Show with Michaela Majoun and on Helen’s local oick of the day. Below, download the jazz flavored, lighthearted “Hustle and Bustle.” You can download the entire Twelve Days of Local Christmas compilation here.