Very Bad Vibes is colorfully excessive in video for “Call Me Cool”

Very Bad Vibes | photo Annabella Mull | via artist’s Facebook

Sam Huntington makes up one part of The Original Crooks and Nannies (with snake boy gang’s Madeline Rafter), another part of AllegrA (watch their Key Session here) and the whole part of his new solo project, Very Bad Vibes. Contrary to what the self-effacing name suggests, Huntington’s first single “Call Me Cool,” rather sends out some Very Particularly Weird Addicting Vibes. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Joey Sweeney at Maas Building, AllegrA at All Night Diner, Muscle Tough at Johnny Brenda’s, and more

Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly songwriter Joey Sweeney and his band The Neon Grease lead the lineup at Jojo’s Holiday Variety Show tonight at the Maas Building. The pay-what-you-will event benefits Rock to the Future and is also a release party for Sweeney’s new holiday EP, Smilin’ Through. The event will also feature some other musical acts, including Beat Jams, Hi Soft, Settled Arrows and the Birdsall Band, plus comedy from Doogie Horner and Jaime Fountaine. Listen to Sweeney original song “Don’t Kill Yourself This Christmas,” off the new EP, below and find more information on tonight’s show here. Continue reading →


Remember Sports as they vanquish confusion from their so-simple-its-confusing-as-heck name

Remember Sports | photo via

Attention all Sports fans: ehr no — I mean, not like the “football” kind of sports. No, not basketball either, or any other form of recreational sporting team activity. Sports, like the band. But not that band, the other one. You know, the Philly one.

My goodness, who could’ve known how exhausting an uberly simple band name could be. Probably not Sports, the four-piece band of Kenyon College pals. Or maybe they did, and these wholesome punks wanted to be ironic like me with my beloved, context-less COLLEGE tee I found at a thrift store (no, middle-aged frat dad, this is not a nod to John Belushi in Animal House, I’m trying to be ~ironic~ here.)

A google search to find the band’s crunchy tunes or social media sites more often that not quickly free-falls into an enigmatic online quest, where you must pass through a forest of sweat arm bands and athletic watches before dueling a “band of wizards from Oklahoma” — eventually feeling small and confused as you find yourself shouting “no you’re not!” at your inanimate laptop while “You Are the Right One” streams in blissful ignorance at your weird and unexpected journey.

Well, friends, please stop screaming. First, because that song is a jam. Second, because Sports hears your calls for help and is taking action. This valiant move comes in the form of smacking on a permanent qualifier to their name. Without further ado, world, meet the new and improved, Remember Sports. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Friendship at All Night Diner, Jarekus Singleton at Sellersville Theater

Friendship | photo by Abi Reimold | courtesy of the artist

Local favs Friendship play All Night Diner tonight in a rare six-piece set-up. The (mostly) Maine natives will be joined by their Ohio-based keyboardist and a recently added flautist, giving the already hauntingly structured songs that populate last year’s stand out You’re Going To Have To Trust Me LP even more nuanced depth. Revisit “Responsible” from the record below and get more information for the show here. The Dove & The Wolf, Field Sleeper and Curtis Cooper also play.

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Listen to a long-awaited new track from garage-punk trio The Chelsea Kills

Photo via
Photo via

The Chelsea Kills are a local garage-rock trio who got their start back in 2008, first coming together in a basement in Elkins Park. Since that time they have been kicking around the local scene and have gone through many changes since those early days with only front man, Sam Mercurio, remaining from the original trio.

With a new band around him, made up of Max King and Tim McMonigle, Mercurio and The Chelsea Kills are ready to reemerge and just last week released their first single since 2013’s Pulp Culture. Continue reading →