Andrew Lamb Trio will perform free concert at The Rotunda

andrew lamb
Andrew Lamb | photo courtesy of the artist

Though his career stretches back nearly 40 years and intersects with some of the most innovative minds in modern jazz, Andrew Lamb has remained largely unheralded. In part that’s due to his own relative silence: though he emerged onto New York’s avant-jazz scene in the mid-70s, the saxophonist and flutist didn’t make his recording debut as a leader until 1994, with the dark-hued but relatively straight-ahead Delmark album Portrait in the Mist. It took him almost another decade to follow that up, with 2003’s more free-flowing Pilgrimage. He’s expanded his catalogue with a few more releases since then, but still maintains a low profile, though he regularly appears with like-minded compatriots at New York’s annual Vision Festival.

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