A hardcore show of friends at Lithuania’s album release party

LIthuania | Photo by John Vettese
LIthuania | Photo by John Vettese

“What does everybody think,” Dominic Angellela asked Boot and Saddle last night. “Does Eric look like a member of Slipnot in that?”

“That” was a grey Dickies one-piece jumpsuit, and Eric Slick either did indeed look like a costumed nu-metaler last night at Lithuania‘s album release party – “Number 7!” says he. “Oh, you know their names?” says Dom – either that or possibly a gas station attendant.

Angellela on the other hand, was clad in a tie-died Lithuania t-shirt. Not his band’s shirt, mind you. A tie-died basketball shirt that fellow Philadelphia music dude Ron Gallo found while thrifting – he tweeted it at Angellela, who promptly asked him to purchase it. “The Grateful Dead sponsored Lithuania’s Olympic basketball team,” Angellela excitedly told me after the show. “How awesome is that?”

Sartorial choices aside, the show was really about two things – music and friendship. And maybe feeling comfortable enough in a room full of friends that you can goof on your bandmates’ outfits. Continue reading →