Embracing Things as They Are: Craig Scheihing takes a universal approach to filmmaking


Craig Scheihing | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo
Craig Scheihing | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Craig Scheihing is a visual artist, filmmaker, and photographer who is an integral part of the Philadelphia DIY music scene. About three years ago, Craig began working out of a personal studio at Big Mama’s, an art space in Philly that is absolutely bursting with young talent.

After a year of working in the space, Craig created Big Mama’s Cinematheque, which he says “grew out of a desire to create an accessible DIY space for film and video artists to share their work, help cultivate a new generation of filmmakers through a workshop initiative, and share the tools and resources I’d amassed through my own work.”

With his obviously gifted eye, a DIY mentality, and a connection to many young bands, Craig has produced music videos, album artwork, and, most recently, adapted films to project alongside bands as they perform live. Continue reading →


This is what the Philly punk scene looked like in the 1980s

Photo by Pier Nicola D’Amico |

Yesterday afternoon, a random tweet from King Britt led me to a stunning online gallery of work by Philadelphia-based photographer Pier Nicola D’Amico. “Check some of the Philly punk scene with homie @pndamico,” King wrote, followed by a link to the new collection Between Glam Rock and New Wave: The Lost Archive. How am I going to say no to something like that, right?

The work that I saw upon clicking through was even better than I anticipated. D’Amico’s collection showcased faces and friends. Personalities, not celebrities, the community that you discover when you dig a little bit deeper than the music at its surface. In fact, of the 32 images in the collection, only one explicitly depicts music – a great shot of an old school DJ rig at a loft party. Folks are wearing berets, the wheels of steel are the fliptop models that look like they were borrowed from somebody’s living room, the DJ seems pensive as he scans the room for a read on the crowd.

Music plays a background role in other images – speakers on the shelves of a silhouetted young woman’s apartment, magazine cutouts of pop stars taped to the wall of another friend’s bedroom wall, a vintage WKDU magnet on the fridge of a denim-vested, bleach-haired lad in a kitchen. In the rest, it’s more implicit. You know these people listen to music, and you know that music is probably a major force that draws them together in friendships. But you also get to see what their lives are like beyond it. Continue reading →