Marietta clean up nicely for their sophomore effort, As It Were

Marietta | photo via
Marietta | photo via

A long two years ago, Marietta brought their first full-length release, Summer Deathto local listeners eager to hear more than just a few demos and singles. With the death of legendary Philly twinkly emo bands Snowing and Algernon Cadwallader about two years before, the masses seemed ready to lay Philly emo to rest for a while. But Summer Death presented a fresh, revitalized take on the genre, catapulting Marietta into every basement of the city, and everyone’s heart.

Marietta specialize in high-energy live performances with an abundance of anthemic group chants. These antics landed them on gigs with indie/emo heavyweights like Braid, Old Gray, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, and Modern Baseball. But towards the end of these tours, and when the band entered the studio to record their second full length, I was left wondering “What will their next album sound like? Will it be a slump?” And I’m sure a lot of other people were asking the same question.

Well, here’s your answer: a resounding, group-chanted NO!!!!!! Continue reading →