Listen to Cayetana’s Augusta Koch cover Lorde’s “Liability”

Cayetana | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Augusta Koch may be best known as the songwriter and vocalist of Philly faves Cayetana, but lately she’s been venturing quietly into solo territory. While Koch has performed some original solo material at the occasional low-key gig around town, she’s also shared several covers on Soundcloud, including songs by artists like Strand of Oaks and the Cranberries.

Last week, Koch added Lorde to the list, tweeting out a cover of “Liability.” Her timing couldn’t be more perfect — the cover comes just in time for Lorde’s show at the Wells Fargo Center tonight. “Liability” is one of the standout tracks from Lorde’s 2017 album Melodrama, but Koch’s cover is enough to have me questioning which version I like better — both musicians have incredibly powerful voices that match the emotionally wrought nature of the song with an intensity that demands many, many repeat listens. Continue reading →


Join Roger Harvey & Family for an intimate side chapel gig

Roger Harvey | photo by Rachel Del Sordo

The basement of the First Unitarian Church has been home to members of the Philly punk scene for longer than anyone can remember. But occasionally, when a show calls for a quieter, more intimate sound, musicians emerge from the basement hall and into the chapel itself — the church-y part of the Church, if you will.

That’s just what Roger Harvey plans to do next month — in fact, he’s reserved the Church’s smallest performance space, the side chapel, for a solo show with a stacked opening lineup of local musicians. The show, happening April 20, comes as the latest installment of the Roger Harvey & Family tour, which has previously made stops in Pittsburgh and Chicago with different “family” members joining for each lineup. Continue reading →