Philly Local Philes: Baby Flamehead’s “Life Song”

Philly Local PhilesBaby FlameheadIn many ways, the Philly music scene of the early ’90s wasn’t all that different from the one we have today. It was an era of irresistibly bouncy pop, plucky DIY ethics, and a lot of band-member-sharing going on between different groups. (Though, to be fair, the ’90s scene had a lot less reverb.) That environment gave birth to Baby Flamehead, an indie-folk foursome that featured singer Eden Daniel backed by Philly sceneters from Junior Mints (guitarist Andy Bresnan, bassist Chris Unrath) and The Dead Milkmen (drummer Dean “Clean” Sabatino). Their only album, Life Sandwich, came out in 1990, and the band parted ways after deciding they’d had their fun. But the passage of two decades has brought with it nostalgic Flamehead reunions. After a well-received showing at The M Room in April, the band will perform at Tritone on Saturday, September 25, as part of the Philly F/M Festival. Make sure to do your homework before the show; check out “Life Song” below, and read everything you ever wanted to know about Baby Flamehead at Rock Town Hall. —John Vettese