The Roots to open for headliner Barack Obama in Philly on Sunday, October 10th

Barack ObamaEveryone knows how much we—and the rest of Philadelphia—love The Roots. But we’re also big fans of Washington, D.C.-based singer-songwriter, Barack Obama. We saw him a couple of times back in 2008, when it seemed like the up-and-coming artist was constantly on the road in support of his breakout album, Hope. Obama’s touring schedule has cooled considerably since then, which only makes this performance—part of his new “Move America Forward” 2010 tour—on Sunday, October 10th (at the park next to Robert Fulton Elementary School) that much more of a can’t-miss show.

As originally reported by The Clog earlier this morning, The Roots will open the show, which begins at 3 p.m.; tickets will most definitely sell out, so you should RSVP in advance here. Given the release of The Roots’ How I Got Over earlier this year (as well as the more-recent release of John Legend And The Roots’ Wake Up!) we think we’ve got a relatively decent idea of what will make it on to their set list. But we can’t help but wonder, “What should Obama play?”