Inaugural Barbarella Record Fair (upstairs at The Barbary) this Saturday afternoon

record crateAny music hound knows that few things are as satisfying as digging through countless crates of records and discovering a rare gem. Unfortunately, with so many local DJs and other LP collectors out there doing the same exact thing, you’ve probably got a better chance of finding the actual Cup Of Christ than finding one of your Holy Grail albums at a thrift store or estate sale. The good news is that many of the DJs and collectors who have already snatched up all the good stuff are making it available this Saturday afternoon at the Inaugural Barbarella Record Fair. Notable names among the vinyl purveyors include Dennis Wilfong, Ian St. Laurent, Billy Werner, Creep Records, Aaron Luis Levinson, Courtney Blue, Tree Tree Smith, and Fred Sherman (among others); the event—which is curated by Eddie Austin and Edward B. Gieda III—will also feature DJ sets by Austin, Gieda, Blue, and Kyle Andrews. The Inaugural Barbarella Record Fair runs from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, November 6, at Barbarella (upstairs at The Barbary), 951 Frankford Ave.