Sun Airway releases new video for “Put The Bike Helmets Days Away”

Sun Airway“Trying not to die is so taxing,” sings Sun Airway‘s Jon Barthmus in the opening moments of “Put The Days Away.” Well, not always, Jon. For example: It wouldn’t take too much effort on the part of that bike-riding friend of yours in the new video for “Put The Days Away” to put on a damn helmet. (We don’t mean to get all disapproving-mom-waves-a-finger on you or anything, but come on—not only is her mind clearly elsewhere as she rides through the streets of Philadelphia at night, but it’s also raining for crying out loud!) Just a thought.

Bicycle safety aside, the video—directed by Klip Collective‘s Ricardo Rivera (who also created the projection videos the band uses during live performances)—is a gorgeous accompaniment to one of our favorite songs on Nocturne Of Exploded Crystal Chandelier, which will be released by Dead Oceans on October 26th. Following a trio of CMJ appearances in late October, Sun Airway will head out on a 19-date tour in support of the album; the Philly duo’s next local appearance is at Johnny Brenda’s on Wednesday, November 17th. (Video via Pitchfork)