Embracing Things as They Are: Craig Scheihing takes a universal approach to filmmaking


Craig Scheihing | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo
Craig Scheihing | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo

Craig Scheihing is a visual artist, filmmaker, and photographer who is an integral part of the Philadelphia DIY music scene. About three years ago, Craig began working out of a personal studio at Big Mama’s, an art space in Philly that is absolutely bursting with young talent.

After a year of working in the space, Craig created Big Mama’s Cinematheque, which he says “grew out of a desire to create an accessible DIY space for film and video artists to share their work, help cultivate a new generation of filmmakers through a workshop initiative, and share the tools and resources I’d amassed through my own work.”

With his obviously gifted eye, a DIY mentality, and a connection to many young bands, Craig has produced music videos, album artwork, and, most recently, adapted films to project alongside bands as they perform live. Continue reading →