Blowdryer talks working in bursts, band tattoos and the weird video art of “Intent”

Blowdryer | photo courtesy of the artist

When fuzzed-out indie rockers Bleeding Rainbow broke up in 2015, a ton of people were really bummed out, including myself. We consoled ourselves with the fact that the members were in a whole mess of other cool bands including Telepathic, Pinkwash, and Blowdryer.

While the first two have thankfully been releasing new music on a fairly regular basis, Blowdryer – Sarah Everton from Bleeding Rainbow on guitar, joined by and Robyn Campbell (of Permanent Body) and Dominique Montgomery, who switch between bass and drums – quickly put out an EP, the Deprogrammed tape, but had been silent on the release front since then. But the long wait for new recordings is finally over!

Their brand new self-titled LP, released today, is 10 tracks of incredibly catchy and clever post-punk that is a veritable showcase of the band’s myriad interests. There’s a strong Devo influence going on, some Wipers, Bratmobile and Beat Happening, Tiger Trap, and so much more. But when it comes down to it, anyone can make a record that just apes those bands. What Blowdryer has done is distilled the best parts, their favorite parts, and channeled that into their sound and created something that is very much their own. Did I mention that it’s really fun? It’s really, really fun.

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Blowdryer cover Devo on new label compilation

This is what it looked like when we played last night! Thanks @pokefan6669

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Local power pop / punk trio Blowdryer are featured on a new comp curated by Deli Cat Records with a cover of DEVO’s “The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize.” It’s a retro, fuzzy interpretation of the song that trades the original’s geometric arrangement for distortion and poppy vocals. The Winter Paws collection of “scraps, demos and final cuts,” also features a contribution by Havertown native Emily Yacina (listen to that here).

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