XPN MusicNotes: Bob Marley’s lost 70’s live recordings restored

via Telegraph

Recently, 13-year-old reel to reel tapes of some of Bob Marley‘s live recordings were discovered in London, and now those recordings have been restored.  The analog tapes had been sitting in a decrepit London hotel for some 40 years; many of which had suffered water damage, but have now been restored. The tapes were discovered at the old Kensal Rise hotel where Marley stayed in the 70’s when he was performing in London and Paris. Continue reading →


Listen to Bob Marley perform live at The Tower Theater way back in April of 1976

April is an unpredictable time of year – one that can bring sunshine and pastoral days as readily as storms and flooding. And sometimes, per the late great Prince, snow. As I write this, I look outside the WXPN office window and the skyline is grey and filled with drizzling clouds, and I wish in the back of my mind that the climate wasn’t such a bummer today. Thank goodness for music; particularly summer-y music; particularly Bob MarleyContinue reading →