Photo Recap: Kim Gordon’s Body / Head at Space 1026

All photos by Photo by Chris Sikich |

Body / Head, the new duo project of Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, played a set at Chinatown art gallery Space 1026 last night. Fun facts discovered per Bleeding Rainbow’s Instagram: Gordon and BR’s Rob Garcia play the same guitar, and Body / Head’s Bill Nace borrowed a Fender Twin amp from BR’s Al Creedon for the show. Check out photos from the set in the gallery above.


Kim Gordon’s Body / Head coming to Space 1026 in March, and her new band is playing there too

This week in Sonic Youth offshoot news is the debut Philadelphia of Body / Head, Kim Gordon’s new dueling-guitar project with Bill Nace of Vampire Belt. The band is coming to Philly on March 8 for an appearance at Space 1026 – the Chinatown art gallery / performance space where Thurston Moore played last fall before having his guitar stolen.

With this new band, Gordon and Nace dabble in long-form, expressionistic guitar playing that ebbs and flows in ambient textures, turns unexpectedly violent with aggressive feedback, then recedes back into drone, with Gordon adding her trademark spoken-sung vocals. Think of her song “Contre Le Sexisme” from Sonic Youth’s vastly underrated 1998 album A Thousand Leaves, or the early hit (is “hit” the right word?) “Making the Nature Scene.” Live, Body / Head compliments their show with projected visuals (which you can see in the video below), meaning the crowd at Space 1026 next month is in for a multi-sensory experience. More information on the show can be found at the WXPN Concert Calendar.

Also: Moore’s new band Chelsea Light Moving plays Union Transfer on April 6, while Lee Ranaldo was just here performing the music of John Cage at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Steve Shelly, we’re waiting on you, dude.

Body / Head from Taping Policies on Vimeo.