Satisfy your sweet tooth with Boosegumps’ new EP, heart peach

Boosegumps | photo by Abi Reimold | via

There is an undeniable sweetness present in Heeyoon Wan’s project, Boosegumps. From the shiny, upbeat instrumentation, to the simple yet poignant songwriting, Boosegumps continuously creates cheery pop tunes that are grounded in melancholic honesty. The recently-released five-track EP, heart peach, is a testament to this. Continue reading →


Boosegumps soundtracks life’s fleeting moments with their on the way to meet you EP

Boosegumps | photo by Abi Remold | via the artist's Bandcamp page
Boosegumps | photo by Abi Remold | via the artist’s Bandcamp page

In a world where everyone’s trying to be louder than everone else, Heeyoon Won makes miniature music about miniature moments. Her Boosegumps project has always had a homespun feel to it, and that certainly doesn’t change with on the way to meet you. If the sound of fleeting melancholy was made tangible and forced into a music box, it would probably sound something like this. Continue reading →