Tonight’s Concert Picks: Grimes at First Unitarian Church, Bowerbirds at Johnny Brenda’s

It seems there is no end to the creative output of Claire Boucher. Last month, she released her third album under the moniker Grimes. Visions had quite a legacy to live up to: 2011’s EP Darkbloom was critically acclaimed and 2010 saw not one, but two full albums, Geidi Primes and Halfaxa, both of which helped to catapult Boucher into indie-music stardom. Her songs are as bizarre as her videos, which typically feature her behaving in ways that defy convention. The video for Visions’ “Oblivion” cuts between scenes of Boucher singing along with her headphones in places that include a men’s locker room, a football game, and a dirt bike rally. For someone so intentionally unpredictable, Boucher is creating a reputation as a reliable source for inventive pop music. Grimes performs with Born Gold at 8 p.m. at First Unitarian Church; tickets to the all-ages show are SOLD OUT. –Naomi Shavin

Given the past few years Bowerbirds has had, it’s impressive that the band has managed to stay together, much less write and record a new album. The North Carolina-based folk trio’s core members, Philip Moore and Beth Tacular, ended their romantic relationship—and, soon after, Tacular broke her ribs and landed in the hospital for severe illness. But the experience eventually reunited the two, and inspired their new album, The Clearing, which was released earlier this month via Dead Oceans. The Clearing starts off on a somber note with “Tuck the Darkness In”, a song about the inevitability of death. But, as it goes on, things get more hopeful, ending with “Now We Carry On”, which focuses on accepting life as it comes and appreciating the little details. No one wants their favorite bands to suffer, but when it results in an album like The Clearing, it’s a relief to know something good came out of the pain. Bowerbirds performs with Dry The River at 8 p.m. at Johnny Brenda’s; tickets to the 21+ show are $12. —Nicole Soll