Listen to a new Eskimeaux track, “Trinkets” (playing Moviate on 11/13)

Kudos to The Deli for spotting this yesterday: Gabrielle Smith and Benjamin Schurr, formerly of Philadelphia’s Br’er, just released a single under their new experimental pop project, Eskimeaux. The haunting track, “Trinkets,” can be heard on the Prefix Magazine website here. “Trinkets” will be part of the duo’s forthcoming self-titled album, scheduled for release November 8th. The album is being released through the label Human Kindness Overflowing and will only cost $5.00, with $2.50 going towards meals for Philabundance while the remaining $2.50 is split between the artist and the label’s future contributions to charities. Eskimeaux will be playing at Moviate in Harrisburg November 13th; ticket and show information can be found here.

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Download “City of Ice” by Br’er

Philadelphia-based musician Benjamin Schurr records under the name of Br’er. He recently released a new album called City Of Ice on the Edible Onion label. Br’er debuted in 2007 with Of Shemales and Kissaboos and since then has released several singles and EP’s. City Of Ice is Br’er’s second full length album. Below, download the title song.

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