New podcast fills a void, showing off Philly creatives

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It’s no surprise that two Philly creatives are doing something that’s, well, creative.

Long time friends Zack Stock, who doubles as a folk musician, and Levi Landis, executive director for the Philadelphia Folksong Society, have partnered together to start “We Need to Talk,” a new podcast that features interviews with local creatives as well as musings between the two.

Landis, an avid podcast listener, had to initially convince Stock to join in. But anyone tuning in would hardly get that impression. With only two released podcasts under their belts so far, it seems like the two have been doing this for years. Their dynamic is genius – the fact the two are so close allow for comical back-and-forths. It’s like overhearing a hilarious conversation in a coffee shop that you so desperately want to be a part of.

“We started about a year ago to keep around this idea that reflected our relationship together,” Landis said. “That vulnerable and comedic relation you have with a friend and bringing community in whether it be music and art.”

It extends beyond music and art, too. Landis and Stock are looking to talk to anyone who’s an inspiration in the Philly community showcased by their first guest – Brian Dwyer, founder and superstar behind pizza shop/museum Pizza Brain. (He’s also a longtime Philly drummer.)

Their second podcast, a shorter feature, has the two discussing small talk and elevator music. (This episode features the band Outside Eyes for a short cameo appearance where the hosts and artist literally play music in an elevator.)

Landis and Stock said they decided to hone in geographically on Philly creatives not because it was convenient with their connections to the music scene, but because there was a “void” in the scene. With so many podcasts focusing on national acts, Landis said there was an absence of storytelling as far as the Philly creatives go. Landis and Stock believe their stories and jokes need to be told, too. They’re informative. They’re entertaining.

“I think [finding guests] is something we’re still exploring, but something we go in with some trepidation. We follow our own curiosity about people and people we think are doing interesting things and form,” Stock said. “In my mind, some of it is the selfish act of following our own curiosity.”

But whatever they’re doing, it seems to be working. Though there aren’t any solidified release dates, expect to see guests like musicians Birdie Busch, John Francis and Todd Henkin from The Great Unknown in the near future.

“That’s my goal,” Stock said, “to get creative people really excited about this – we want to make the best possible interviews for creative people in Philly.”