Morgan’s Pier begins to roll out summer lineup, including free R5 shows from Merchandise and Temples

Temples | photo by David Lichterman |

Morgan’s Pier has started to roll out its summer lineup of live music, including the first free shows presented by R5 Productions on Wednesday nights throughout the summer. Live shows under the stars at the Pier have become a summer highlight in Philly, and from DJ sets to punk bands, there’s something for everyone.

As far as the free shows go (with an RSVP), R5 has already booked post punk band Merchandise (6/26) and psychedelic rockers Temples (8/6), with more bands expected to be added to the lineup later in the spring.

The Morgan’s Pier live music season commences Thursday, May 1 with a free show featuring Greg D. of Risky Disko, followed by Broadzilla on Friday, May 2 and DJs Dave P. and Sammy Slice on May 3. See the full lineup of DJs and bands, as well as tickets and info for all of the shows here. Watch videos of bands playing free shows below.

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Listen to Broadzilla’s three-years-in-the-making, awesomely all-over-the-place new DJ Mix

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 2.32.26 PMBroadzilla brings an eclectic blend of fuzz-pop, rap, rock and anything else you would probably want in their new DJ mix.  Released about five days ago, this mix was made per fan’s request for a mixtape that did not have Daft Punk, or any trace of a Daft Punk sample, a relatively bold demand considering Daft Punk has been a major influence for the better part of the recent techno/dance/electronic/dubstep scene.  They delivered offering an hour long dance mix that will both genuinely have listeners dancing, but will also play on the nostalgia heart strings of those who have always wanted a reason to pump their fist to the Smiths.

This mix is vast. Delving into diverse sets of music genres, Daft Punk is Cliche But It’ll Makim Dance uses bands which most would disregard as “dance” music almost completely.  Normally, bands such as Gang of Four, Nirvana, or The Smiths are not the type of music the general population would classify as “dance-y” or the type of music conducive of dancing. Fantastic, sure; Upbeat, yes; bodies moving in an outwardly dancing motion, sometimes, but for the most part, these bands are regarded as what they are: classic and legendary.  Set all preconceived notions aside, because this mix will have you moving, harder than you may like, to songs like “Damaged Goods” by Gang of Four, and will have those who yearn for a DJ mix which is more indie, or a mix which moves away completely from the mainstream, completely satisfied. 

Moving from Ol’ Dirty Bastard to Weezer to Aphex Twin, you never know what to expect. It is apparent just from listening to the mix that the DJs who brought this musical wonder to our ears listen to and appreciate a huge variety music. Which is absolutely a fresh of breath air. Broadzilla took to heart “no Daft Punk” and they produced a hugely different and wonderful mix. Listen to it, download it and dance to it below.


Broadzilla DJs’ disco party with Midnight Magic and Jessica 6 at Kung Fu Necktie

Broadzilla DJs are bringing two of Brooklyn’s most fabulous disco infiltrators—Midnight Magic and Jessica 6—to Philly to perform live on Saturday, April 9th, at Kung Fu Necktie. Jessica 6 includes former members of Hercules & Love Affair. Ticket information for the show is here.

Check out the videos below “Beam Me Up” by Midnight Magic and “White Horse” by Jessica 6.


Revisiting Broadzilla DJs’ “Hipster Trainwreck Anthems” mixtape

Back in late June, Philly’s Broadzilla DJs released a new mixtape that was a fun soundtrack for the start of the summer. “Four years in the making,” they said, “we finally finished our Hipster Trainwreck Anthems mix. No shame and no obscurity here…just 100% pure party jams and guilty pleasures, meticulously mixed by three obsessives.” We pulled the mix out the other day for another ride through Philly and it sounds as good now as it did back in June. Give it a listen.