Cabana Wear dusts off their shoulders in the dreamy rock of “Always Loose”

Cabana Wear | photo by Gianna Vadino | courtesy of the artist

New Jersey indie rock four-piece Cabana Wear is comprised of four scene regulars with a serious soft spot for the sparkling, soaring power pop of the late 90s and early aughts. Think Nada Surf, Harvey Danger, and early Weezer — introverted and emotional but still expressive and fun.

The band features singer-guitarist Brian Mietz (The Not Fur Longs, It’s A King Thing), guitarist Alec McVey (Aspiga), bassist Dan Saraceni (By Surprise, The Only Ghost In Town), and drummer Eric McConathey (Brackish). Their chemistry and camaraderie was evident from the get-go, as McVey told The Alternative in a recent interview.

“We didn’t have to go through any weird growing pains of learning to write and play music with each other,” he said. “I’ve never had a band that I was in feel this natural right off the bar before. It’s always gotten there eventually, but it felt like the four of us were all on the same page right from the first practice.”

Cabana Wear’s self-titled debut is out this Friday, March 15th, on Sludge People, and ahead of its release, we’re happy to give you a first listen to one more song from the record. We’ve heard the quirky crunch of “Scaredy Horse” and the determined drive of “Bother You“; today, we bring you the dreamy rocker “Always Loose,” a song that takes down toxic friendships with an ever-increasing fuzz pedal attack. Continue reading →