R.I.P. Philadelphia jazz bassist Charles Fambrough, 1950-2011

Charles Fambrough

More sad news for the Philadelphia jazz scene from Dan Deluca over at In The Mix:

“Charles Fambrough, the formidable Philadelphia jazz bass player who got his start playing on The Mike Douglas Show in the 1960s and went on to tour and record with McCoy Tyner and Wynton Marsalis, died on New Year’s Day in Allentown. His obituary from today’s Inquirer is here.

Fambrough’s fellow Philadelphia bassist Gerald Veasley emailed to say this:  “‘It’s hard to reconcile Charles passing, because I think of him as so strong. He exuded strength both as a musican and a man. In his bass lines you can hear a certainty that reflects a well-earned self confidence. His compositions show another side – complex yet beautiful. It’s sad he’s gone becasue we need more Charles Fambroughs, not fewer.'”