Passionate percussionist Charlie Hall to appear at Philly Drum Project’s “Beats, Brews, and Banter”

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Charlie Hall | photo courtesy of the artist

Percussion collective Philly Drum Project announced this months Beats, Brews, and Banter, a free event with the goal of connecting Philly musicians in a safe environment to share ideas and network. Set to take place this Friday (November 4th) at the grand opening of Philly’s brand new drum shop Philadelphia Drum & Percussion, the event’s special guest is none other than The War on Drugs’ own beat machine Charlie Hall.

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Charlie Hall and Patrick Berkery of The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society pick their favorite Fleetwood Mac songs (TLBAS playing Saturday 9/21 at Johnny Brenda’s)

tusk_photoshop This Saturday night, September 21st, The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society – crew of musicians and Fleetwood Mac’s enthusiasts from Philly and New York – will will reunite to perform the classic Tusk in its entirety at Johnny Brenda’s. They’ll also play some other Mac classics. The current TLBS lineup includes co-founders of the band Charlie Hall (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with Jens Lekman and The War on Drugs, and leader of the Philadelphia-based male choral ensemble The Silver Ages) and Patrick Berkery (who has played drums with The War on Drugs, Pernice Brothers and more) along with Tony Goddess, Birdie Busch, Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs, Nightlands, and writer of The Key’s Top of The Key basketball column), and Eliza Hardy Jones of Buried Beds. We asked Charlie Hall (CB) and Patrick Berkery (PB) to put a handful of their favorite Fleetwood Mac songs and to reflect on their greatness. Here’s five of their favorites.

“Sentimental Lady” from Bare Trees (1972)

PB: From the Bob Welch-era. Quite possibly ground zero for “yacht rock.” (Can I just tell you how much I despise that term?) It’s surprising they didn’t have a major hit with this – such a beautiful song. Bob DID have a hit with it on his 1977 solo album “French Kiss,” an album the uninitiated are strongly urged to check out. It also has “Ebony Eyes,” an EPIC moment in soft rock history.

CH: An absolutely gorgeous lyric. I love Mick’s drumming on this one, and how the pre-chorus really starts to chug-a-lug into that exquisite chorus. I do think Bob improved upon it on the ‘French Kiss’ version five years later, featuring not only Mick and Christine again but also Lindsey helping shape it with guitars and production. There’s complete sweetness wrapped up with a tinge of sadness, which pretty much encapsulate Bob Welch. I, too, cannot stand the term “yacht rock” and I wish it would go away, along with those stupid videos.

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Tickets to The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society’s performance of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk at Johnny Brenda’s on 9/21 now on sale

Several weeks ago we announced the next series of shows from The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciate Society, performing the Mac’s Tusk in its entirety at Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday, September 21st. We just found out that tickets to the show are on sale now. The current TLBAS members features founding members Charlie Hall (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with Jens Lekman, The War on Drugs, Windsor for the Derby, Tommy Guerrero and leader of the Philadelphia-based male choral ensemble The Silver Ages) and Patrick Berkery (who has played drums with The War on Drugs, Pernice Brothers, Danielson, John Wesley Harding, Mazarin and others) joined by past TLBAS co-conspirators Tony Goddess (Papas Fritas, Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents), Birdie Busch (a Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter), Dave Hartley (The War on Drugs, Nightlands), and Eliza Hardy Jones (Buried Beds). Go here for more information and tickets.


Get up with Get Up With It! featuring Eric Slick, Charlie Hall, Dave Hartley: a Miles Davis tribute concert this Friday

Multi-instrumentalist Charlie Hall (Silver Ages, War On Drugs and Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society) has assembled an all-star collective to perform the music of Miles Davis (and beyond) this Friday evening, June 15th at Cianfrani Park (8th and Fitzwater Streets) from 7 – 9 p.m. The event is free. The band consists of Hall and Eric Slick (Dr. Dog) on double drums, Dave Hartley (War On Drugs, Nightlands) on percussion and electronics, guitarists Ross Bellenoit and Luke Westbrook, bassist Ezra Gale, Mitch Marcus on Fender Rhodes and tenor sax, Jeff Pettit on alto sax, Luke Brandon on the trumpet and some surprise guests. The repertoire, says Hall, will “dig pretty heavily into the On The Corner, Agharta, and Bitches Brew moods of Miles.” Go here for more information.


The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society returning to perform Mirage in its entirety in February

Four months ago The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society put a message on their web site to keep February 17th and 18th, 2012 open. You may recall the band performed Fleetwood Mac’s classic Tusk in its entirety in May, 2010. We’ve gotten word from the society camp they that they’ve confirmed two dates in which the band will perform 1982’s Mirage in its entirety on Friday, February 17th at Johnny Brenda’s, and Saturday, February 18th at Littlefield in Brooklyn. The band for these shows will include Charlie Hall (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has played with Jens Lekman, The War on Drugs), Patrick Berkery (drummer for Danielson, Pernice Brothers, Bigger Lovers), and Birdie Busch. They will be joined by new members Eliza Hardy Jones and Brandon Beaver from Buried Beds and Dave Wayne Daniels (bassist and vocalist for The Capitol Years).

Mirage was Fleetwood Mac’s first studio album after the release of Tusk and was released in 1982. It featured two songs that were mega-pop hits for the band including “Gypsy,” “Hold Me.” Why Mirage? Charlie Hall says:

“Mirage is a trove of wonders – some of the strongest Mac songs in the canon as well as some total head scratchers and ones that I never realized how great they are. It’s neither the ”Rumours II” as some claimed nor was it a repository for discarded solo songs as others claimed. There’s sheen for sure and there’s mysteryand beauty through and through. It’s got everything. This isa gorgeous record that is deserving of more attention and appreciation.”

Below, check out the video for “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac, and a video of the Appreciation Society doing “Tusk” and “Never Forget” from their May, 2010 show at Johnny Brenda’s. Yes, that’s Dave Hartley (Nightlands/War On Drugs) on bass in the video.