Stream Chronic Anxiety’s full-length debut Canopy Shyness

Chronic Anxiety | photo via Magnet Magazine

We haven’t heard much from Philly pals Chronic Anxiety since they released their last EP, Faxed, last fall. Actually, it’s totally on-brand for the band to be a bit elusive. The trio can occasionally be spotted at a gig around town, but otherwise keep a low profile and even perform under pseudonyms — that way, their songwriting can be as honest and unfiltered as they want it to be.

Chronic Anxiety is back with their first full-length record, Canopy Shyness — 11 tracks of noisy, frustrated, cathartic punk goodness. The band, according to the bio on their Bandcamp page, began as a joke a few years back when its members, all government employees at the time, needed to collectively blow off some steam. The three musicians, who go by Ambr (no e), Hey Boi and Hi Boi for band purposes, make their built-up tension evident in their songs, unleashing it more directly and forcefully with each explosive shout. Continue reading →


Listen to new Faxed EP from Philly punks Chronic Anxiety

Chronic Anxiety | art by Clint Takeda | via

Chronic Anxiety — what a band name. The tension it evokes is evident in the loud urgency of their songs, but in a way that makes listening more cathartic than anxiety-inducing. The Philly punk trio appeared on our radar a few months ago when they appeared on Bandcamp with debut EP Little Girls — read about it in The Key’s Items Tagged Philadelphia series. And though the group still remains pretty elusive, they’re now back with another EP, called Faxed. Continue reading →