Cinderella Story: Reminiscing with the producers of the infamous “Pat’s Dogs” commercial

It’s been making the rounds for almost three years now: a 30-second commercial for a Delaware County hot dog franchise, featuring an original jingle by local soon-to-be glam metal stars Cinderella (who double as on-screen talent.). The 1983 video resurfaced on YouTube in 2011 and has made the rounds of local and social media ever since. Besides the obvious disjointedness of seeing a fairly famous pop metal band of yesteryear dance around, lipsynching, in front of a local hot dog stand, there’s a sweet nostalgia to the whole operation. Pat’s Dogs is long gone, and so is the kind of unselfconscious hyper-localism this video represents. (The stretch of Southeast Delaware County where the video was filmed, however, is virtually unchanged. So there’s that.)

Not content to merely wonder, The Key tracked down the guys responsible for shooting and editing the video. It turns out that local filmmakers Richard Haynie and Brian Kreider were brought on for the shoot by Cable AdNet, a Philadelphia-based company that sprang up in the early 1980s to produce commercials for cable television, then still in its infancy.

Haynie (now a New Media Specialist for Kaiser Permanente in California) and Kreider (who eventually went on to be Pennsylvania Film Commissioner) were kind enough to reminisce with us about the now infamous Cinderella “Pat’s Dogs” commercial.

The Key: How did you go about devising the staging and performance aspect of the commercial? Did you just let the band and the restaurant staff do their thing, or did you go in with a vision of what you wanted to capture?

Richard Haynie: We received a cassette tape of the jingle produced by Cinderella for Pat’s Chili Dogs just prior to the shoot. Brian, manager of the production department, and DP on this shoot, sat down with me and we gave it a listen It was catchy, 30 seconds, right to the point, with all the important information to serve the client. We had some general ideas of what we could do with it, but played it mostly by ear. We spoke to the owner, and only met the band when we arrived on location the night of the shoot.

TK: Did Cinderella do their own makeup? I’m guessing they did.

RH: As a matter of fact, that is one of the funnier stories from the shoot. Continue reading →


Six classic Philly videos from MTV’s “Golden Era”

mtv-moon-man MTV launched this day back in 1981 with the airing of The Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star”. One of the original VJ’s was Mark Goodman, who was on WMMR in the Seventies, before he moved to New York to take a job at WPLJ, which led to his becoming a part of the original on-air team. A nice batch of Philly bands showed up in the playlist of MTV’s golden era; watch six of our most favorite selections from local artists below. Gosh, some of these videos were really cheesy in a good way.

They don’t call it “The Legendary Dobbs” for nothing; back in the day, the South Street haunt JC Dobbs was the place to see live music in town, and Robert Hazard and the Heroes filmed their 1983 video “Change Reaction” there. Note the framed 8×10 glossies all over the wood-panel walls, and the way they make the matchbook-sized club look massive.

Okay, technically it’s Chester County, but we’ll forgive The Hooters for going outside city limits. The “And We Danced” video is delightfully retro-50s, with convertible muscle cars pulling up to a party at the Exton Drive-In.

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Philly Phlashback: The video for Cinderella’s “Nobody’s Fool”—still cool?

Undoubtedly one of Philly’s greatest hair-metal bands, Cinderella has been belting out metal jams and power ballads since it was first discovered by Jon Bon Jovi back in the mid-’80s. I stumbled across this video and thought that it still had legs (and hair). So here you go: hopefully it will help you relive some of those nights in the Northeast at the Empire Rock Club. Is this video still cool? (Was it ever?)