Cinedelphia Film Festival closes with Cheap Dinosaurs performing live to a screening of Liquid Sky (at PhilaMOCA on 4/27)

liquid-sky Local chiptune / prog rock band Cheap Dinosaurs will contribute a live score to a screening of 1982 new wave film Liquid Sky at the closing events of this month’s Cinedelphia Film Festival.  Hosted at PhilaMOCA, the screening will also feature a rare appearance by Liquid Sky director Slava Tsukerman, who will provide an introduction to the film and participate in a Q&A afterwards.  Tickets and information for the event can be found here.  Below, watch a video of Cheap Dinosaurs’ Liquid Sky-themed Tuesday Tune-Out set and a trailer for the movie.


Interview: Joseph Gervasi of LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! A Video History of Philly Punk (premiering April 23 as part of the Cinedelphia Film Fest)


Joseph A. Gervasi has been a mainstay in the Philly DIY scene for more than two and a half decades now, between his work with ’90s punk promotion agency the Cabbage Collective and DIY film companies Exhumed Films and Diabolik DVD (in addition to countless other forays). For his latest project, LOUD! FAST! PHILLY!, he combines his dual loves of music and film to explore and document Philly’s hardcore punk scene from the 1970’s to today. The result is a project presented in two parts: a screening of rare punk footage, which will be supplemented live with commentary from different members of the scene—and a still-growing audio archive of intimate, unedited interviews between Gervasi and myriad interviewees—discussing memorable shows, experiences  and what the punk scene meant to them. Gervasi will post a new interview every day throughout the month of April; each interview will be accompanied by two portraits of the subject by photographer Karen Kirchhoff. The screening and live commentary will take place on Tuesday, April 23 at PhilaMOCA, as part of the Cinedelphia Film Festival.

Though the project is retrospective in nature, Gervasi explains that it is not a documentary—a film that employs interviews and footage to prove a thesis. Rather, LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! aims instead to present simply the facts, while eschewing nostalgia and avoiding revisionist history. I caught up with Gervasi to find out more about the project’s evolution and goals—and where he thinks the Philly punk scene is headed in 2013. In keeping with Gervasi’s own conventions, I present the entire interview unedited.  Continue reading →