Folkadelphia Session: Fred Thomas

On musician Fred Thomas‘s Bandcamp page, a collection is building. Thomas, in preparation for a future release, has been compiling a library of organic and synthesized sounds he has been creating. Most are very short, perhaps meant as an audio diary of sorts, but I mention it because it gives us, everyone who isn’t Fred Thomas, a chance to see through his eyes, listen through his ears, think his thoughts. And man, it’s a colorfully active world in his brain – buzzing, humming, shining, twitching, spinning, convulsing, swaying, and throbbing along. It’s really no wonder that Thomas’s musical output has been varied and prolific – Saturday Looks Good To Me, City Center, Flashpapr, Mighty Clouds, Lovesick, just to name a few in addition to his solo work. One could even say that Thomas has a compulsion to create and collaborate on music – you’ve got to admire that ambition.
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