I Want More CAN: An Indie Rock Hit Parade Special

Can | Photo courtesy of the artist

On this week’s Indie Rock Hit Parade, we highlight the music and legacy of the celebrated German experimental band Can. To coincide with the release of a new, career-spanning singles box set, our show features some of Can’s best-known and pioneering works alongside a few contemporary bands who keep their spirit alive.

Plenty has already been written about Can and their unconventional approach to music. The band has been the subject of tribute concerts, archival reissues and art installations, and a multi-volume biography from music journalist Rob Young is slated for publication in 2018. Rather than reiterating what so many have already said, I’ll instead present a few of the modern bands who have taken a significant amount of inspiration from Can’s unorthodox approach to recording.
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The Key’s Year-End Mania: Brian Wilensky’s Top 5 Shows I Wish I Saw in 2013

purlinghissYear End Mania is the Key’s survey of the things below the surface that made 2013 awesome. In this installment, contributing writer Brian Wilensky talks about great shows he didn’t see.

Those of you that work in the service industry, like me, know what it’s like to work nights and weekends; missing the shows, parties and nights out with your friends that work business hours. I raise my glass to you, as we share the same suffering because the rent isn’t free. Here are my Top 5 Shows I Wish I Saw in 2013.

1. Clinic / Grooms / The Cobbs at Johnny Brenda’s, 9/17/2013
Liverpool’s art-psych surgical mask-wearing weird guys, Clinic, don’t tour often, let alone cross the pond. Last year’s Free Reign held true to their stagnant drone formula and seeing them convert it to a live setting is something that still spikes my curiosity. Continue reading →


This Weekend’s Concert Picks: Amos Lee, Girls Rock Philly, Clinic, East Hundred

Amos Lee
Amos Lee performs 11/5 at Patriots Theater

Amos Lee‘s new album, Mission Bell, is set to drop on January 25, 2011. What’s the best way to describe our feelings on the upcoming release? We tremble with delight? Wait with bated breath? Quiver with anticipation? Either way, the next two and a half months promise to be long ones. Thankfully, we can pass the time by continuing to post about Amos every time he sneezes. Amos Lee performs at 8 p.m. at Patriots Theater; tickets to the show are $30.

Also playing: Arlo Guthrie at The Keswick Theatre (8 p.m., $29.50-$46.50); Land Of Talk + Suuns, Little Scream at Johnny Brenda’s (9 p.m., 21+, $12); The Summer Set + Stereo Skyline, Mod Sun, The Downtown Fiction, Austin Gibbs at First Unitarian Church (6:30 p.m., all ages, $12)

The local music scene of tomorrow will be on proud display tonight when a handful of young, all-girl acts from this summer’s Girls Rock Philly band camp perform at the program’s record-release show. 10 years from now, you’ll probably be watching 3-D music videos and listening to song clips (via an MP3 player embedded in your ear) by half of these bands on whatever has replaced Pitchfork. So you might as well get on board now—that way, you can up your ahead-of-the-curve cred by claiming you were a fan of these kids before they even hit their teens (much less put out their first 7-inch). The Girls Rock Philly Second Annual Record-Release Show begins at noon; tickets to the all-ages show are $5.

Also playing: Clinic + The Fresh And Onlys, Nothing at Johnny Brenda’s (9:30 p.m., 21+, $13-$14); Priestess + Na’am, Warshack at Kung Fu Necktie (8 p.m., 21+, $10)

Local pop quintet (and WXPN favorite) East Hundred—which is reportedly hard at work writing material for its upcoming fourth release—stops by Kung Fu Necktie. It’s been almost two years since the band released Passenger back in January of 2009; though we could keep listening to “Slow Burning Chimes” on a daily basis (as we have for, uh, almost two years now), we’re looking forward to hearing the new batch of songs. East Hundred performs with Break Mission, Turning Violet Violet at 8 p.m.; tickets to the 21+ show are $5.

Also playing: Caithlin De Marrais + Everyone Everywhere, Jet Set Sail, Bearings at The Trocadero (7:30 p.m., all ages, $8); Man Or Astroman? + Dexter Romweber Trio, Nightmare Waterfall at First Unitarian Church (7:30 p.m., all ages, $15)

“Slow Burning Crimes” from East Hundred on Vimeo.