Auctioneer frontman Craig Hendrix releases a couple solo tracks

Auctioneer | Photo by John Vettese
Craig Hendrix of Auctioneer | Photo by John Vettese

Craig Hendrix, the lead singer/songwriter of Philly quartet Auctioneer, has released a couple of solo tracks.

“Saigon” and “Silver Door” are available for download over on Hendrix’s SoundCloud, and encompass a more stripped-down, acoustic sound compared to the sometimes giddy/always art-pop/rock tracks from Auctioneer. Continue reading →


Listen to “Swim,” a new track from Auctioneer

Photo by Emily "Birdie" Busch
On the tail of its Shaking Through Session with Weathervane Music, Auctioneer slips us a new track fresh from its upcoming release. “Swim” is a slow incline of chords that builds with waking keys, a lyrical journey, a watery travelogue of what-if’s and what-will-be’s. Be on the lookout for a slow leak of songs in preparation of the folk-tinged art outfit’s newest release, due out this winter.