Free at Noon Flashback: SIMO jams their way through intergalactic sonic journey

SIMO | photo by Liz Waldie for WXPN

Watching today’s Free at Noon performance, I became puzzlingly entranced by the genre-bending Nashville trio, SIMO.

Part old school rock, part funky psych, part improv lords, SIMO is like if The Black Keys and the Grateful Dead had a musical brainchild. Then — hear me out here — in an unexplained epic tale, that brainchild somehow, some way, got dropped off into outerspace, with only the sonic power of their psychedelic, rootsy jam seshes able to transport them back to their Tennessee abode.

With famed guitarist, JD Simo, as our fearless leader, he, along with the mega talented crew of bassist, Elad Shapiro, and drummer, Adam Abrashoff, allowed the crowd to tag along on their interstellar ride, where we travelled through time and space and genres by ways of SIMO’s latest album, Rise and Shine. Continue reading →