Bayside and more play to a sold-out crowd at The Trocadero

Bayside | Photo by Alexandra Healey |
Bayside | Photo by Alexandra Healey |

Long-running New York pop-punk crew Bayside hit The Troc earlier this month for a sold-out show with Doylestown four-piece Daylight (which has since changed its name to Superheaven) and Mixtapes. Bayside is on tour in support of Cult, it’s first release for Hopeless Records and its sixth album overall. Check out photos from the show in the gallery below.


Download The Key Studio Sessions Vol. 9 (feat. Amanda X, Balance and Composure, Mean Lady and more)

The Key Studio Sessions Volume 9
Album cover photo by Tiffany Yoon |

Today we bring you our latest Key Studio Sessions compilation, pulling together the best of what we’ve recorded in the final four months of 2013. I’m always psyched about these comps, but The Key Studio Sessions Vol. 9 in particular presents a tremendous variety of musicians from around the Philadelphia region that I’m excited to showcase for you. Bucks County has a healthy showing, from the acoustic alt-punk swagger of Balance and Composure and the retro-grunge of Daylight to the booming Americana of Levee Drivers and the flower child folk stylings of Lily Mae. Continue reading →


Photos: Title Fight celebrated its 10-year anniversary in Glen Lyon with Daylight, Balance and Composure and more

Title Fight | Photo by Allison Newbold |
Title Fight | Photo by Allison Newbold |

Kingston, Pennsylvania crew Title Fight marked its ten-year anniversary this fall, and threw a big celebration in true punk rock style: with a sold-out five-band all-ages bill at an American Legion hall in nearby Glen Lyon. Joining them were fellow local noisemakers Balance and Composure and Daylight, along with Wilkes-Barre hardcore band Dead End Path and touring act Justice (a punk band from Belgium, not the dance band from France). In addition to their ten years and dozen or so releases together, Title Fight also had a forward-thinking cause to celebrate: the new Spring Songs EP 7″, available now via Revelation Records. Check out photos from the show in the gallery below.


The Week’s Best Free MP3s, incl. Daylight, Jonah Matranga, Wild Rompit


Daylight | Photo by Megan Kelly |
Daylight | Photo by Megan Kelly |

Doylestown heavy rock outfit Daylight came in for this week’s Key Studio Session.  The young band recorded tracks from their 2013 debut Jar, which we learned about in a feature back in April.  Stream and download “In On It” below and get the full set here.

To celebrate this week’s holiday, South Philly hip hop artist El Malito shared a free download of his “Pour Some Gravy On Me (Thanksgiving Ditty) single. The track is a reworking of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” replacing the lyrics with a rundown of his favorite Turkey Day dishes.

This download isn’t exactly free, but it’s a great way to give back.  Local rockers Wild Rompit have compiled a three-track EP titled For the Philippines in an effort to raise money for the Red Cross and victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan.  Stream “We’ll Be Okay” below and get the full EP for a donation of any amount here.  All proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

Folkadelphia brought in prolific singer-songwriter Jonah Matranga for a session this week.  Matranga specializes in shaking things up at his live shows, sharing an energy that is felt through the five tracks he recorded for this session.  Check out the live tracks below, taken from his upcoming album (I Really Love Your) Company.


The Key Studio Sessions: Daylight

Doylestown heavy rock four-piece Daylight moves fast. Their Will Yip-produced debut LP Jar was  only released in April, but the band has worked it tremendously hard, touring in the summer with The World Is A Beautiful Place…, trekking down to Gainesville for Fest in the fall and currently taking a jaunt across Australia (our James Breslin gives you the scoop on that and on their new music video here), with shows in Japan next month. On the surface, the band sounds so 90s its unreal, but it’s a totally genuine aesthetic – the sound of four dudes conveying their insecurities and frustrations with booming drums, minor chords, pensive vocal melodies and Bigmuff pedals cranked all the way. Dig into these four booming live performances the band cut in our studio, and look for more from Daylight in 2014.


Find yourself in Daylight’s goofy music video for “No One’s Deserving” (appearing on The Key Studio Sessions tonight)


Grungey Doylestown four-piece Daylight released Jar this past April on Run For Cover Records. Recorded at Studio 4 with Will Yip, the album quickly propelled Daylight to the level of Balance and Composure or Title Fight in terms of local punk scene popularity. Riding this release, Daylight made its way through most of the US this year, even playing alongside huge post-rock bands Pianos Become the Teeth and O’Brother.

Before heading off to tour Australia and Japan, Daylight put together a quirky music video for “No One’s Deserving”. The video opens with a man singing along to the lyrics “Afraid / to be myself / alone / I can’t be loved” as he puts on a mouse mascot head. Watch the physical and personal journey this mouse-man takes below, and listen for Daylight on The Key Studio Sessions on tonight’s Philly Local show on WXPN.


Why Fest? A Philly perspective on Gainesville’s main music attraction, and photos of locals who made the trek

Hop Along | photo by Allison Newbold |
Hop Along | photos by Allison Newbold |

Going twelve years strong, The Fest is an annual gathering in Gainesville, Florida, that brings together a cross-section of players in the national DIY scene for four days of action. Though it began firmly rooted in punk and hardcore, it’s expanded over time to include a broader range of sounds and styles, from singer-songwriter (Tim Kasher) to metal (Torche) and indie pop (Slingshot Dakota). Think of it as an anti-corporate response to the music festival circuit.

Every year, an impressive swatch of Philly bands make the trek down to Gainesville for the festival, whether as a tour stop or as a single destination. Photographer Allison Newbold made the trip this year, and caught up with several of them: below, check out images of Daylight, The Menzingers, Slingshot Dakota and more. She also collected thoughts from some of the artists on how Fest 12 was treating them and why they Fest in general. Check them out below.

Mark Quinlan from Hop Along
“Fest always treats me in a way that’s far better than I deserve. There are friends on every corner. Once a year, Gainesville is my punk rock home away from home”

Jacob Ewald from Modern Baseball
“My first Fest was perfect. I got to hang out with all the friends we made across the country this summer and I got to see all my favorite rock and roll bands. Woo!”

Ben Pierce from Restorations
“Of the multiple fests I’ve been to, this one was the most relaxing. I saw about 4 bands out of 400 which is fine because I was about to see about 400 friends. Nice weather, nice beverages and great conversations with friends. Fest.”


Doylestown’s Daylight stays true to its roots on Jar (playing The Fire tonight)

DaylightThere are bands doing the pop rock thing, the folk rock thing, the indie rock thing. They all have their fans, and their music has its place.

But sometimes, it’s nice to find a good old-fashioned rock band, and watch them stay true to their roots and sound despite emerging trends.

Doylestown natives Daylight are that good old-fashioned rock band. Their debut LP, Jar, just released in April, is for the fan of ‘90s emo and grunge who might also find themselves at a pop punk show every once in a while. They’re what Nirvana would have been if Kurt, Krist and Dave had grown up on the East Coast, and found themselves in a music scene alongside Balance and Composure, Circa Survive and Title Fight.

Sonically, Jar is a step up from the string of EPs Daylight has been releasing over the past few years. Opening track “Sponge” provides a heavy guitar-and-drum intro that immediately makes the listener take notice. “Life in a Jar” showcases a new type of variance for the band with slow verses and a screaming chorus. “In On It” holds the album’s catchiest hook and most memorable guitar lick, and “Hole in the Ground” is as close to a ballad as Daylight will get. After a slow build-up, vocalist Taylor Madison gently sings “I’m calling to see how things are there. / I want you to know how much I care. / I wish I could take away your pain. / I fear I come home to see your grave.”

With stark and morbid imagery sprinkled throughout the album and an undercurrent of hardship and heartbreak, Jar strikes an emotional chord without saying much. This is the kind of album to listen to angry, or catch the band at a live show to head bang your way through a hard time.

Daylight will play a sold-out show tonight at The Fire, providing the opportunity for local fans to do just that. They’re opening for Connecticut-based The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, who also released a new album in June.

The songs off Jar should ensure that a whole new wave of listeners and show-goers will take notice of Daylight. They may be a little bit punk, a little bit emo and a little bit post-hardcore, but any fan of real and raw rock music should give them a try.


Pity Sex touring with Philly’s Daylight, playing The Fire on July 18th


The strangely-named indie outfit Pity Sex released their debut album Feast of Love this Tuesday, June 25th.  But if you want to try before you buy, Run For Cover Records has the album up and streaming via its Soundcloud.  On their album, Pity Sex does a punked up take on the 90s shoegaze sound with vamped guitars and hazy vocals. This summer, the band heads on tour in support of their new album, including a few stops on the east coast with Philly’s own Daylight.  Although they’re not shoegaze, Daylight have a heavy 90s influence as well, sounding like a blend of early emo-rock and grunge.  Below, you can stream the Pity Sex album in full as well as check out a song by Daylight.  The tour hits Philly venue The Fire July 18th.