Tonight’s Concert Picks: Ron Gallo at Spruce Street Harbor, Dean Ween Group at Chameleon Club and Bok Nero at The Fire

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Toy Soldiers frontman Ron Gallo promotes his new solo album Ronny at this fun Summer Party event presented by Why I Love Philly at Spruce Street Harbor Park. Fellow Philadelphians The Lawsuits and Up the Chain will also be on the bill making for an exciting, action packed performance. Ticketing information for the $10 show for adults 21+ can be found here. Also, be sure to check out a new song below, entitled “Fine Diners and Finer Whiners.”

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Read Dean Ween’s hilarious story about stealing Carlos Santana’s gear for a night

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Okay, so this is something you simply couldn’t make up if you tried. You know the guitar solo from the Ween song “Transdermal Celebration”? That one single from the quebec album? That was recorded with Carlos Santana’s gear without him knowing.  

According to a in a (grammatically questionable) post on Facebook this week, Dean Ween told his “favorite Ween story of all time”: how his roadie at the time also just happened to work for a backline company (those are essentially companies that will supply or help transport a band’s gear to their concerts for them) and tipped him off that Ween’s shipping company would have Carlos Santana’s gear in transit at his backline company’s storage facility.  As a result, Ween decided to break in to the facility at 2 in the morning and record the solo to “Transdermal Celebration.” — the very take that appears on the album — through Carlos Santana’s PRS and Mesa Boogie amp.

“What needed to be done was immediately clear to me, I had an opportunity to play the solo on “Transdermal Celebration” through Carlos Santana’s amplifier and guitar. I had one shot at it, it meant taking a hard disk recorder to a storage space where all of Carlos’ stuff was sitting in transit. I arrived at 2am. We (very carefully) unpacked his equipment and set up his stage gear and in one take I recorded the guitar solo for “Transdermal Celebration” (the one that appears on the album, playing thru Carlos Santana’s guitar, pedalboard, and amplifier. The whole think took 10 minutes and we were terrified we were going to get caught. A lot of people would have lost their jobs. We got the fuck outta there relly fast after that. So the solo on “Transdermal Celebration” was played thru all of Sanatana’s shit in what resembled an early morning bank heist or something”

Check out the whole story, which is backed up with photographic evidence on Dean Ween Group’s Facebook page here.


Dean Ween featured on new episode of Guitar Moves


A new episode of the web-show Guitar Moves has been released, and features Matt Sweeney talking to Dean Ween, co-founder of “avant-stoner royalty act” Ween, in Dean’s shack in New Hope, PA. While Ween may have been a band founded on the grounds of being somewhat of an inside joke, and merely a way to stir things up within the alternative world of music, there’s no denying the fact that Dean himself can really shred, as made further evident by his appearance on Guitar Moves. Check out the video below.


Dean Ween prepares solo album for a 2013 release

It’s been a strange year for Dean Ween. Back in May, his onetime creative foil The Gener announced that their inventive avant-pop group Ween was calling it quits (Deaner’s response: “news to me“) and went on to release Marvelous Clouds, a solo album of Rod McKuen-inspired songs under his own name, Aaron Freeman. Undaunted, Dean (offstage name: Mickey Melchiondo) posted on his blog today about his own excursion into the world of the solo artist. The guitarist and avid fisher told readers he’s engrossed by his new songwriting project:

I postponed all of my fishing charters until a later date and since mid-August I’ve been in the studio non-stop, 7 days a week working from 7pm until 7am. I wake up around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and I’m sorry to my friends who haven’t gotten any callbacks or email responses. I am on a mission to try and make a truly classic album and haven’t been so focused and driven in many years.

Among the collaborators he lists are Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz and drummer Claude Coleman; versatile Philly session player and skateboarder Chuck Treece; and Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age. Homme will be one of the producers on the album, which begins final production in Los Angeles this January, with a release expected sometime next year. Read more at Deaner’s blog, and check out his gallery of snapshots from the recording studio here.