Check out an easygoing new Dewey Decibel jam featuring Rone

Photo via Dewey Decibel Facebook (
Photo via Facebook

Philly-based rapper / producer Dewey Decibel released a new track this week featuring fellow local rapper Rone titled “Never Gave A Shit.” The song is smooth and engaging, throwing some oddball synths your way and blending them with Dewey and Rone’s easygoing flow. Holding your attention throughout, the track’s different timbres of voice and synth juxtapose comfortably and bounce around the room, with the MCs spitting their lines with confidence. Check out the new song below.

“Never Give A Shit” comes from Sub Cult, the new EP Dewey Decibel is releasing in early 2015. He will be playing at MilkBoy this Friday, November 21st, opening for Red Martina; for tickets and more information, visit the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →


Dewey Decibel invites you to his annual Open Studio Pizza Party taking place 5/23

Dewey Decibel | photo courtesy of the artist

Local hip hop artist Dewey Decibel is unlocking the doors to his Dewey Saunders Studios workspace for his annual Open Studio Pizza Party this Friday, May 23rd.  The official invitation from Dewey has all of the info:

The doors to the studio are open to the public from 5PM—10PM.
Please join us for an enchanted evening of pepperoni pizza, beers
and cheap prints, drawings, paintings and collages. Craft beer, wine,
fun snacks and a free pizza drawing will be provided to each guest!
Take a look into the art studio and score some fresh visuals for your
bare walls. There will be a TON of work on sale, free giveaways, and
a new series of works presented for the first time. Bring a friend!

It will be a rare glimpse into the prolific art and music environment of one of the city’s premiere artists – check out the Facebook event page here and watch Dewey show-off his rap skills in the “Pizza Party Freestyle” below.


Local hip-hop / visual artist Dewey Decibel preps for two area shows

Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist

Hinting at a popular style of mid-90s hip-hop groups, Dewey Decibel‘s smooth and laid-back flow is paired with shimmering beats. The Philly rapper (and noted visual artist) most recently released Son of a Beach in fall of 2010; he was also featured last year on Zilla Rocca’s Neo Noir mixtape.

(Read More – Interview: Get to know Dewey Decibel)

Next Tuesday, Dewey will play at World Cafe Live (tickets here) for the first of two local shows. The other show will take place at Connie’s Ric Rac on Saturday, March 8th. Stay tuned to the venue’s website for more details and check out “Surfer” below.
Son of a Beach by Dewey Decibel


Premiere: Zilla Rocca and Dewey Decibel’s art-rap collaboration “Chic-O-Stic” (Dewey Decibel art exhibit opens Friday in South Philly)

DeweyZillaThis evening we bring you a track from two Philly rappers who know a thing or two about style and aesthetic. First there’s Zilla Rocca, who launched the self-defined genre of noir-hop: that’s rap music peppered with samples from hard-boiled, whisky-slinging crime films of the 40s and 50s, mixed with period costumes and a design sensibility pulled from the pages of pulp novels. He’s about to drop a new mixtape called Neo Noir on a digital and cassette-only edition (that comes with a drink coaster) – or, wait, what are we talking about, it appears he’s already soft-released the digital edition – and it’s a lot about the hustle, the grind, and the philosophical underpinnings of being a rapper and a creative person.

Joining him on “Chic-O-Stic”, which we’re premiering for you below, is Dewey Decibel, aka Dewey Saunders, a visual artist and MC who bounces seamlessly between the two worlds. This weekend he has a new solo exhibition of his work opening at Benna’s Cafe in South Philadelphia, with a reception tomorrow night from 7 to 11 p.m. The track begins with a mysterious ethereal bed before a slammin’ beat enters, propelling the song forward as Dewey and Zilla swap verses and some sick Miami Vice style synthesizers enter, crafting a sick audio portrait of the nightlife and the roles that its participants play, ending on the sampled declaration: “If you don’t enjoy the doing, do something else.” Listen below.


Download “Screwface Dub,” a new collaboration between Kuf Knotz, Drusef and Dewey Decibel

dewey-decibel-e1354723996360Philly-based rapper Dewey Saunders, otherwise known as Dewey Decibel, plays a free show next week (presented by Heineken’s Green Room) at Silk City. He’ll be sharing the stage with Isis the Saviour, Michael Milehigh, and headliner Nitty Scott, MC, and has new material in tow. Get more info on the 21+ show here, and check out Dewey’s new track “Screwface Dub” ft. Drusef & Kuf Knotz below via Soundcloud.


The Week’s Best Free MP3s, incl. Mean Lady, Neko Case, Katie Frank & The Pheromones

Photo by John Vettese
Photo by John Vettese

Katie Frank & The Pheromones brought songs from their upcoming Counting Your Curses record to a Key Studio Session this week.  The Elizabethtown native and her rootsy Americana band will release the debut LP in August.  Get the full session here and catch them at MilkBoy on July 17th.

Nebraska singer-songwriter Joshua James provided this week’s Folkadelphia Session, which included songs off of his 2012 full-length From the Top of Willamette Mountain.  Folkadelphia’s Fred Knittel described James’ work as “spine-tingling” and “complex” – check it out for yourself here.

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Free Download: “Cappuccino” by Dewey Decibel


Tagged as brunchwave, steamed milk and espresso on his Soundcloud, Dewey Decibel‘s new single “Cappuccino” will certainly help you power through hump day this week.  As The Deli points out, the track was produced by fellow Philly rapper Zilla Rocca and has Decibel rhyming “eating burritos” with “extra pico” and “order fourth mojito” – pretty much everything you would want on a nice summer day.  Stream and download the track below and check out what else Dewey Saunders has been up to recently here.


Visit the visual art side of rapper Dewey Decibel in a studio tour this Friday

dewey-decibel-e1354723996360Dewey Saunders, know to some as rapper Dewey Decibel, is an incredibly diverse artist.  Not only has he released a full-length hip-hop album under his own record label Bold New Breed, but he has also done artwork for the New Yorker, graphic design for other musicians and creates beautiful collages.  Last year, The Key talked to him about his broad spectrum of artistic interests.  This Friday, Saunders opens his South Philly studio for the public to see and purchase artwork from his gallery.  If you haven’t seen any of his work, click here to check it out on his website and here to RSVP for the event.  And, for his other medium, check out a summer-tinged song from his catalog below.


Dewey Decibel releases new demo, “#VoiceMemo vs. MF Doom”

Screen-shot-2012-09-19-at-5.35.49-PM-620x332Local MC Dewey Saunders, aka Dewey Decibel, has just released a new demo, “#VoiceMemo vs. MF Doom”, which he recorded (wait for it) on his iPhone (though given the production quality, it’s pretty hard to tell). The demo can be streamed on his soundcloud, and Dewey’s latest EP, Son of a Beach, is currently available on iTunes. Listen to the track below.


Watch Dewey Decibel get “High on Art” in this cosmic new music video

DeweyDewey Decibel isn’t just a rapper. He’s also Dewey Saunders, a visual artist whose illustration work has appeared in the pages of The New Yorker and on the album covers and show posters of his Philly music scene brethren. In the music video for “High on Art,” we see Saunders bridging both sides of his creative output as an artist in his studio and an MC and his crew recreationaly consuming, um, influences. The song comes from last fall’s Son of a Beach EP; check out the video below, and get the EP at Bandcamp.