DiPinto: The Philly guitar player’s guitar

Chris DiPinto | Photo by Tom Beck
Chris DiPinto | Photo by Tom Beck

From the opposite side of Girard Avenue, DiPinto Guitars looks just like any other store in Fishtown. You’d never guess it’s somewhat of a tourist destination for many big name guitarists.

“So many famous people have been in here,” says Chris DiPinto, the company’s founder, owner and designer of all DiPinto brand guitars. J Mascis, Richie Havens, and Earl Slick, who played guitar for David Bowie throughout much of his career, are just a few of the names that have patronized DiPinto’s store. A few other big names have stopped by, which DiPinto was less familiar with. “Oasis was in here. After they left somebody told me it was them. And I was like ‘oh, I don’t even know those guys,'” DiPinto says. However, he’ll never forget the phone call from the voice that said “This is Rick Nielsen.”

“You don’t know how many calls I get from friends that are like ‘This is Neil Young,'” explains DiPinto. “And he was like ‘No, this is really Rick Nielsen and I want to come into your shop.'” Continue reading →