We’re sorry we forgot your birthday, Diplo

DiploAs we’ve mentioned in the past, we’re big fans of Diplo’s Twitter. (And we’re not the only ones…) We particularly appreciate the way Philly’s favorite Blackberry-touting DJ keeps us up to date on such important issues as his tailoring bills (“Jus calculated I Probably spent over 800 dollars fixing holes in my pants from falling of stage in suits this year”), losing his ID (“Kinda wack now that I remembr that I was out of money & lost my ID & was all alone & totally had 2 say I was @diplo 2 get in this club 2nite”), and his excessive consumption of almonds (“my hospitality rider is such a trainwreck i always wake up with a belly full of almonds and champaign in a cave somewhere after a gig”). A true master of the art of digital communication, that Diplo.

But we have to admit, it was with a tinge of sadness that we read Diplo’s latest tweet (posted about 40 minutes ago), which simply stated:

Happy Birthday, Diplo!

Did everyone, including us, forget the day Diplo was brought into the world 32 years ago? Did he wait it out until 1:30 in the afternoon before feeling compelled to post a terse reminder? We sincerely doubt that he was sitting all alone in the corner of a dark room singing “Happy Birthday” to himself, with the tears running down his cheeks illuminated solely by the light from a single flickering candle stuck into a birthday cupcake. (In fact, he was probably partying it up in a room full of beautiful and fabulous people.) Still, we feel kind of bad for forgetting—especially considering how he recently kept his word to reply to everyone who tweeted him after he was crowned the second-best artist on Twitter by Pitchfork. We are glad to see that—since Diplo’s tweet—countless people have tweeted him back with kind sentiments. Happy birthday!